Healing sessions bookings for July -Dec 2019

No more healing from tomorrow till end of June. But healing sessions booking for July-Dec 2019 is open. Just email: linamasrina@gmail.com

It’s time for my well deserved break. My self-LOVE time.

I thank all clients for allowing me be a part of your healing journey from last year till today. Healing is personal and intimate process.

Truly an honour to witness your miracles, success, recoveries and healing.

“Healing is a process, not a magical event. Nothing new is added to your body or mind… Nothing is taken out. Healing involves a greater experience of oneness, wholeness, and reconnection with all aspects of your being.”- Dr. Epstein

Healing is a partnership between the client, healer and the Divine.

As mentioned in previous post, due to extensive travels (I travel for pleasure and for work/healing too), I will only do distance healing. Even so, we need to sync our timing so we can benefit fully from every healing sessions.

Distance healing is tapping into your subconscious and work with the information given.

Everything is energy and we are all connected. Just like landlines and mobile services, we do not really have to know the science of it but enough to use it, right? The same for energy healing. Everyone is a born healer and has this gift.

Anyway, a gentle reminder…

As I help you to remove the blocks in your own healings and success… you need to participate actively in your own healing as well.

When you have done your best, let go, let God (Divine) handle the rest. TRUST.

What happens, after healing session/s?

After removing the blocks/root causes of dis-eases/pain/success/abundance…

1-Stay hydrated, ensure water intake is sufficient for your body, daily.

2-Rest well for at least 2 days
 (these are the “processing” days for the body, heart, mind and soul to sync well together and heal fully. Sometimes, you may feel very emotional, tired, sleepy/sleepless, and many more. For some, nothing happens. Everybody’s experience is unique. Whatever it is, honor it.)

Right after, be aware of what’s going on with your body, heart, mind and soul by:
Being aware and do your best to see everything with love by:

3-keeping a positive loving mindset,

4-raise your vibes and energy,

5-feel every emotions fully before releasing them (there is no good or bad emotions only what we perceived as good or bad),

6-stay with like-minded loving people and stay away from toxic relationships,

7-create healthy boundaries, say no to what does not feel right,

8-celebrate your every success no matter how small and …

9-count your blessings everyday by keeping a gratitude journal.

10- all stress, can be released by basking in nature, especially for empaths, ensure nature is part of your daily/weekly ritual. Meditation and grounding is important. Shielding is only temporary.

Walk barefooted, forest bathing, tree hugging, sea swimming and many more…

Remember if your “love” cup for yourself is empty, no use showering others with love.

Our reality and the world mirror the world within us. If we are depleted of love, we attract the same, and manifest the same level of quality…we deprived ourselves of.

Always ensure you love yourself and shower much TLC to self first before others.

For you being love will help others to be love to themselves too.

Believe me…that will create endless ripples of love even after you are gone.

As usual, I travel 6 months yearly and work – the end 6 months.

I will be on vacation from now till June 2019.

For July-Dec 2019,
Healing is open for bookings now.
Email your requests to linamasrina@gmail.com

Only distance healing…
1 session-30 mins for SG$100.
FYI-Heart wall removal takes at least 2-7 sessions.

Remember, I’m not your healer. You are your own healer with the Divine’s help.

I’m just removing the blocks/walls/barriers for your own energy healing to flow for better growth, improvement, success and recovery.

Together we be successful, healthy, abundant, at peace and love.

I love you.

Lina Masrina.
Certified healing coach
(ho’oponopono and emotion code)

P.s: Please read Disclaimer before booking the sessions. Thanks.

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