Self-inflicted saboteurs

(Saboteurs are energetic weapons inflicted upon another by entity or humans. Can also be self-inflicted. These energy weapons can be started with harmless envy, jealousy or gossips. Or can be malicious words thrown onto another. Can also be intended thoughts, but unconsciously done. Can you imagine, if thoughts and intentions are powerful, what about words out of our mouths? )

A case study. A recent client. A mother. She has issues with feeling. She became stoic. There was no medical issue. Only that, everytime she feel anxious, her heart felt so heavy. She said to me, it’s like her heart was somewhere else. In a glass casing.

I remove her heart walls. I helped her remove her trapped emotions. I asked her to rest the next few days and notice any changes.

She felt something but very subtle. As compared to her old self…She wants to be as sensitive to feels, that way.

So I work on her using body code system using the app. The same questioning method and retrieving answers using muscle testing.

Also, as we worked together, there are times, i have an intuitive knowing- visions of what’s happening to her popped up to me. (everyone carries their data in themselves. Intuitive empaths can read their info easily.)

I saw her inner wounded child. Abandoned in her past.

She was afraid of losing her child. Her child has grown into adulthood. When she wanted to move away and be independent, carving her own life, her mother was not ready to part. As a result, she (the mother, my client) self saboteur (energy weapons placed onto body to inflict wounding/pain).

Her heart was broken. To distract from the pain of losing her child (in her mind)…she thrust the energetic knife upon her heart (self-inflicted without knowing).

I queried further. Asking what type of knife, made with what metals. Where is it trusted upon in? What date, did it happened?

So I took out the energetic knife, made of Damascus steel btw and heal the wound using energy healing. The heart then heal itself on its own.

She said it felt like her heart was freed from someone’s clasp. She began to feel her emotions, deeply. It takes time to feel as she normally will. But as the heart heals, she rejoiced with the fact that she can feel again.

Empathy, feeling, sensitive to energy is a gift. You won’t treasure it until you lose it.

I cannot judge or won’t judge why peeps do things the way they did.

As usual, names, genders such details may be changed to protect the client. Everything shared is always with permission. The idea to share is to open our limitations that everything is possible in the world of energy healing.

And remember, we each have layers. Like onions, we must have the patience to peel them. And sometimes, we cry alongside each other in the process. It’s OK. It’s normal for healing journeys.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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