Losing my healer identity…

(Even though it’s self made)

When I was working my way back into Islam and the Muslim community, I thought I had to give away a part of me, my healer identity.

But the weird part was, the peeps I attracted was already open. And some of them have families who are healers.

I was afraid they lump and dump me in a foreign label, an outcast – the spellcaster, the cult peeps and many more.

My mind was struggling in fear to people please again. I wanted to be approved. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to belonged. My inner wounded child reappeared. Remnants of what has not healed, showed up.

The past of unforgiveness starts to seep into my reality.

I got creative. I started creating justifications, researching on scientific acclamations about energy healing… Just to be prepared of the made up queries from strangers, in my head.

I then stood in the grey area. Oblivion to whatever happening to my reality. I wanted to know, what I am, if I never ever become an energy healer. I then was tested thru my family members. As I grew in doubt, my world reflected that on me. I let them accumulated into a big pile. Thinking, I will get to that clutter, one day.

The day never come, until nearing the end of the year came, because the question I asked in the beginning of the year, was still getting no answers.

Doubts are easy to come by. Whatever state we are in, beneath, our reality will attract the same.

For a moment, in isolation (self-retrospection) I thought I was the only weird one. I had forgotten the many peeps I’ve met in my healing journey. I forgot what they and me brought to this path.

As my sons wander the path of self identity, I too had a short crisis in mine.

I never thought I will indulge in the woo-woo of the world. I never wanted to be a healer. I thought only certain peeps were gifted. Boy was I wrong. Everyone of us born, are gifted.

If you are skeptic. Do this.

When you are in pain, tummy ache, tooth ache or just simply, a headache.

Take your right palm. Look at it in the flesh.

Say basmalah or and your own little prayer you felt authentic in ur heart..like – dear God/Creator, I want to heal myself, help me, guide me. Thank you.

Intent : I intent to ignite my own healing abilities through my palm. Dear Creator, thank you for making it happen.

Then put your palm on the pain area. For 5 – 15 minutes (up to you, according to your “static patience” ).

Imagine warm healing energies, pink in color (or any favorite color of yours) permeates your pained area from your palm, ease and release the pain.

As the energy goes thru every atom in your pained area, imagine them healing immediatiately and be as new (like cleaning the tiles on your walls, as you scrub, the molds, the dirty defects get cleansed, n sparkling immediately).

Once you are done, say Alhamdulillah (Thank you, Creator for these miracles).

Do it often, not so often that it is a burden. Just do it like a fun curiosity, an experiment. Do this… Until you are fully healed and feel healthier again.

If you start practising with this, you will be stronger and more efficient in healing yourself. You can also continue healing others, humans and animals, if you wish. Just have faith, trust and believe that the Creator has your back and wants you to be healed fully.

But you also have to learn to love yourself more. Set healthy boundaries and be attentive to your own needs.

If you need to rest, do so. If you need to play, go for it. Celebrate everything without seeking permission from others.

You will also start to discern yourself from true peeps needed healing and the *energy vampires” (can also be codependent peeps) sucking you dry.

That’s it.

If this is not enough, then I pray that you will witness spontaneous life miracles that have no explanation in which the mind can ever create.

Sometimes, it’s fun to see the world not through our physical eyes but our hearts and souls.

Have fun.

P. S: my identity crisis was solved. Perhaps in this mid life intervention, it was a question whether I want to continue being a healer or choose otherwise. But I’ve experimented with myself. And this healing ability (everyone has it) is innately spontaneous and auto mode.

And I have been doing it since I was a child (peeps find me soothing to share their woes n secrets. And often what I told them in return, often they remembered for life)…

So to peel this identity from me, is like overhauling all parts of me. I will feel, something is missing without it. I have tried turning it off. Numb it even. Put blocks and barriers and walls. It will come out bursting at its seams, exploding out, in time.

So if I hid this, I deny a part of me that is important. That is not what I’ve been teaching…

To accept, embrace and love all parts of us, first, no matter what. The right to be, begins first with our own approval.

Note: I believed we each are blessed to have healing abilities and that our bodies can auto heal themselves. My role is to facilitate that.

I believed that The Creator is the Ultimate Healer because without His will and permission, nothing is possible.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your professional healthcare provider before attempting any info provided in all my media and suggestions shared.

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