Prisons of the world..

I used to have this fascination of visiting the prisons of the world.

My first innocent trip was when I was in police cadet Corp in secondary school.

It was a super clean experience. Because the prison was just a temporary holder beneath justice courts for persons of interest or those needed to go court before going for the actual imprisonment.

But my first true experience was a Malaysian jail. The peeps had been transfered and the old prison was made to be a tourist attraction. It was a very raw experience for me and the energies felt, was truly grimsonly hopeless.

I wasn’t aware I was an empath but every scratch on their walls, made me feel their loneliness. And we even went into the hanging area and also TV showcased the actual caning where the skin split into two. I was OK cos I tend to blur the gory vision.

But when I came back with my gf, she fainted at the sight of it. We were told of various creative ways the inmates hid stuff. Some in the slippers, some in their bodies. And tools they used to sharpen to protect themselves. Like chicken bones and utensils.

Anything they can get their hands on, were made into weapons of protection of creativity of entertainment on walls and floors.

There was a system created by the inmates in their own way. They have some form of buying or bartering system. They even can get cigarettes and such. Just like the TV shows we watched nowadays.

I went to the Rock at San Fran and also nearly to South Africa prison where Mandela was held but I was invited to a wedding, I happily went and forego the prison experience.

I guess back then, I felt I was in a cage myself. I felt since young I was not able to showcase my true self to anyone not my parents nor my dear friends let alone my former spouse. To witness the energy and vibes left behind by former prisoners, allowed me to dig within my own, do my soul searching component of remnants of past and current state and experiences.

Eventually I exit my own made up prison and I never had the urge to visit anymore prison cells.

The only thing saddens me after, was the many made up prisons, humans make up for themselves. Sometimes they threw the keys away and leave themselves for eternal damnation (or their version of it).

As empaths, we can see almost immediately the sappy sorrowful prisoners of life walking around us. Sometimes, we can help them whenever requested but most times, they don’t want to exit.

I believe We are all empaths. Difference is our degree of awareness and practice.

So if ever you get to wander about the world, and by curiosity you ended up in places or landmarks of destruction like massacre, war etc… Do your best to shield up, say some prayers of protection and after, cleanse yourself from the debris of the energies still lingered about.

Most places have entities. The degree of their naughtiness depends on how horrid the places had been.

As a Muslim, I can suggest reciting Surah Albaqarah and whatever you have memorised or easy for you to recite like (ayat 1-5, 255,and last 3 ayat Baqarah). Or just simply 3 Kul – An-nas, Alfalaq, Al-ikhlas 3x is enough).

Or whatever, you feel is right. Make sure to ask Allah to protect you and your loved ones always. As empaths, we are very sensitive. (for other religion, do what feel is right)

I have read that there are different types of empaths. For me, I encompass them all, peeps, earth, animals, everything…. It gets more sensitive as I age. What I meant is, I feel peeps, animals, the new lands explored, the collective current emotions and more.

(Oh, once I had to go to do some healing in Canada, a mental institute for prisoners. It was a spontaneous invitation. And weirdly, I did not do any preparation.

But as if my being already knew, days before, when I was sleeping, I felt I was “downloading” some stuff.(i believe it was just info of the place and peep in concern)).

If we feel hot and cold and some kind of tingles/goosebumps, that creates some form of emotions, fear, icky etc… Just recite the Quranic verses above or just any form of prayer you feel is right.

When I was in my teens, my friends love to drive us, in groups to haunted places like abandoned hospitals etc.

I followed, but I don’t really like it and so, (though I didn’t know I was an empath), I blurred my physical vision and minds’ eye vision. And recite my prayer endlessly in heart. No matter, what visions, or sensations, I may have, I try to blur or block them out.

I’m not afraid of them, after I learn the Quranic healing for physical ailments and entities possessions…. Knowing what they are, helps to control my wild imaginations and I felt safer wherever I am. Thus, I have no worries traveling on my own and living anywhere.

(oh, I just remembered, in Jerusalem 2023, we did visit the “prison for Jin” in Prophet Sulaiman pbuh times. And as we socialise amongst the Palestine, I sense the deep feeling of being imprisoned in their own land. Sadly, after we left, the situation became from bad to worse and now was totally unstable. So, though I didn’t intently made plans to visit prisons, I did end up there but more on healing purposes.)

Anyway, as the end of the year is nearing…let’s Wake up our warrior and ponder about our life.

Ask ourselves these questions…

In what way have I imprisoned myself? Am I happy in the now? Or do I find joy in prisoning others? In what way is my life a prison? How can I free myself more?

Well have fun uncovering your inner self. Be you 🙂

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