Living on empty

Living on empty.

Have you ever make decisions on empty stomach? Or do your day to day errands list hungry? How cranky can one be?

I tell myself, never to go groceries shopping or any shopping on empty tummy. I will end up with stuffs I don’t really need.

The same for living when you are out of love. As mothers and single moms especially, we tend to overrun ourselves super dry. We left our love tank super empty that we cannot even muster any leftover love for ourselves.

And if we ever are too zoned out or zombified or too responsible that we neglect ourselves, our surroundings will showcase itself to how we are actually feeling… And hunger can make us feeling angry thus hangry.

And our pets, toddlers and whatever or whoever gets close to us will get a dose of it. Or they project our truth. If we have awakened partners around us, wise enough to inform us, that’s great. If not, both are going through the journey half asleep. Imagining driving the road in a car, exhausted, tired, half asleep and more.

We may also run into accidents and hurt other innocent strangers.

Do, stop and take a moment feel of what our love tank is. Is it half empty. Half full? Empty or wholesomely full? Whatever it is, top up, go and recharge yourself before tending on others.

As what the flight attendant always say, in times of flight crisis, put on the oxygen mask on yourself before putting them onto others.

Have fun, learning about your love tank. Don’t go serving the world, empty. It will only backfire on you and your loved ones. Or we ended up sucking someone else dry.

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