Mid life crisis =mid life intervention =…

Mid life crisis =mid life intervention =enforced awakening

Things became weirder as we age. One day we wake up feeling  restless unsure why we actually exist. The food we taste, the lifestyle we cherish became bland, its like the world suddenly lose its flavors alongside its colors that used to beckon us to live.

If we have not awakened yet, we will be. The Universe will do its best to give us a series of last wake up calls. As for those who have already awakened, then this is another adventure yet to undertake.

Families may forge to be closer and stronger or we may split and say our goodbyes. No more sitting on the fence. If we do not choose a side, we will face the consequences of constantly doing things mediocrely.

Our surroundings came to an abrupt and transform. Good or bad, only we can give meaning to it. Either be the party pooper, loner or people pleaser or whatever labels of limitations we cast ourselves in…the effects of it all can be felt in enhanced version beyond 3d, suddenly.

Perhaps the knocks on our door we have been ignoring no longer stay soft but louder perhaps an explosion. All these happenings are for our highest  good if we continue sleeping ,pretending to be zombies, already zoned out passive in some aspect of our lives. Or we chameleon ourselves to peep pleasing endlessly that we grew tired of the endless change of masks and facade and the temporary gratification of fake popularity.

Does it matter?does it matter to where we are going? We looked back trying to see if we ever make sense of the true meaning of our existence.

Start asking simple but deep profound questions or restlessness inside will trigger into major earthquakes in our beings.

And whatever crisis or events happening to us, we can choose. Either we can end up sappy for a very long time or grieve over peeps departing… or seek to find the enlightenment in all of it.

If these events have not created abrupt massive changes to our lives then the future events will get louder and bolder to get our attention to change for the better.

Our bodies too became to be so much sensitive and in-tune to whatever we feed it . Toxic thoughts, peeps, tv, news, gossips or opposite. We choose. 

Be happy or be right? Choose to be the fake you or the true you. Whatever you choose it starts bringing you, maybe your loved ones too, to abrupt turns and stops and many more beautiful unexpected landmarks and destinations.

Energies that we seldom noticed suddenly became overwhelming . Like getting all superpowers in senses at the same time but actually we already got it only that we choose to numb ourselves.

Roller coaster ride of emotions blanket us in mood swings of varied seasons. For women, we can adapt its akin to moon time but for men, its a whole new experience altogether.

Some may experience life changing decisions, illness, perspectives, emotes, trauma, and many more. And as much as we think we are super hero, bulletproof and all this time, we are more vulnerable. Our bodies, hearts, minds, spirits are not as thick walled as we expected but this time, its porous, penetrable, more prone to attacks from simple words of loved ones or colleagues or even our own self. Our mental may become chaotic if we do not learn to be harmonious with them.

Whatever it is, its a new learning adventure for the midlifers. Just be open, seek answers within, listen and have the courage to act as what you feel is right. 

You dont have to change drastically. Intent and take 1 baby step at a time is enough. 

Mainly, have the mental state of being adaptable and flexible and whatever comes. And have faith that the Creator has our backs and wants the best for us. Remember, its always for our highest good.

Have fun unfolding a new wiser self. Love you.

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