Peace is back

After weeks of processing, the collective angst I felt in my travels, finally it went through me. I was supposed to let it marinate for awhile to cleanse with ho’oponopono but I reacted, triggered and buttons I wasn’t aware exist were pushed.

We attract what we are. The remnants of it was then further triggered by my fellow awakened Masters. I was out of sorts. I’m always calm and at peace but this time I was perplexed at how “troubled” I became not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

The volcano that was lying dormant within me wanted to unleash flowing lava of wrath. I felt what most felt – hopelessness saying – no matter what I did, the world will never change.

What a devastation for me to come up with such thought.

I felt I was teleported back to the past and resume where I left off. And for 7 years of wandering into spirtuality and new age beliefs, I felt I’ve done nothing, nor did I change a teenie weenie bit.

I decided to let it flow out of me fully. And then I resume my happy ways. Some parts of me felt coerced to do something about it. But one cannot think straight when she is erupting lava. So let it all cool down and I shall see if, this is just a passing phase for me to learn/unlearn. Or should I be doing something about it.

I forgot my hooponopono techniques to be aware that I’m part of the collective and perhaps I too play a part in this collective angst.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. Its not a chant but it’s cleansing of web linked thoughts and beliefs of women and men in this whole wide world. Cleansing them, is healing the nonpositive vibes, connection, cords in and around it.

So a new solution will present itself. And by then, the angst shall be extinguished by the loving words and energies expressed.

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