Change 1 element, and the whole equation transform.

Life is like any mathematical equation. Change just 1 element of any formula and the whole equation change.

I noticed my eldest got frustrated by recent life events. Him joining the work force as an internship program in school got him frustrated, sometimes make him dread to come to work.

I advise him to reflect what’s going on with him. And suggested to him to feel fully and release, then raise his energy as high as possible to manifest great things thru out the day.

Of course, it’s easier said than done.

So on the weekend, in group coaching with my sons, I asked them to imagine…

If ever, they got frustrated with anyone especially someone close, think of their existence as gratitude.

For example, someone as “frustrating” as me (living with single mother sometimes can be challenging especially for empath kids)….

Sometimes I’m too meddlesome. Sometimes I intrude and try to compartmentalise their lives. Sometimes I even “feminisize” their lives.

And imagine me being replaced by their father. Their whole lives definitely change ultimately.

I invite them to think the what if scenario…. if their mother who loves adventures and spontaneity is being replaced.

Perhaps, I’ve decided to follow the footsteps of some successful female leaders who left their offsprings with their former spouse and went their way to lead a carefree life. I travel the world and instead of having my kids living fulltime with me, they live with their father. So their father became a single dad.

And somehow, because of that, he was not married yet because kids are top most priorities.

But just imagine if we interchange roles.

With 1 change, everything became different. They will be more like their father because he will be their main role model.

They won’t travel as much but they will be more grounded. They may not understand much about the world but they understood their local world intricately.

And then, they understood and began to understand the gravity of gratitude. The whole pattern of sappy energy changes immediately.

Just 1 elemental change and everything became a different outcome altogether.

Sometimes our world can drive us nuts. To break the pattern is to do the opposite of what we normally do.

And if that still didn’t help. Send some love to whatever or whoever is driving you nuts. Spend a good 5-10minutes meditating and visualising sending love to them and trust that everything is going to be OK.

Miracles happen everyday. Are you awaken yet, to notice?

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