Fading women…

As mentioned, I’m a sensitive being. I sense the energy in my surroundings n people.

And whatever transpires out of the experience, I will share in a prose or two. If you feel it, take some time to acknowledge it.

As women, we often give, give, give till we have no more to give, let alone breathe n live. Being a female with interchangeable roles: girl, daughter, sister, friend, woman, wife, mother, teacher, grandmother and many more… Sometimes we forgot what we truly are.

We took upon our family members’ identities, and even responsibilities. We serve, serve, serve till we have no more energy left for our own bodies to thrive.

It’s easy being a martyr. What’s challenging is to live happy n healthy.

Eventually, when we have given our all. We aged, we start to fade. We question our usefulness. Once we feel like a burden, we start being invisible, some even rush towards death for fear of being a burden to the family.

And some start dying from the inside out.

Have you ever ask anything from your family? Love is a two way street. There must be a balance of giving and receiving.

Start acknowledging that you deserve some tender loving care (tlc) from your family. Don’t need to wait till you fall sick. Ensure self love habits is practised often on yourself. You must rest to replenish your loss of energy.

What I feel in my surroundings…

“Dearest women,
I see you. I hear you. You matter.

Being seen…
As what we are in our flaws, vulnerability and merits.

To be accepted without compromising our true selves.

Not to be judged nor discriminated for the “tiny showcase” we parade ourselves in our masked personalities.

The desire to belonged, a community, a purpose, mission of somewhat important.

Somewhere in lives, we were taken for granted, and our existence became minimal and unimportant.

The innate desire to be seen lies in all of us. The people who matters plays a part in our being “seen-Ness”. And especially vital role and responsibility is ourselves.

If we ended up lost confused as to our identity, we ended pleasing others by adjusting our truth with their many illusions of what we should be according to their perspectives. We ended up more confused and lost.

I hear your whispers… I feel your tears and fears.
“Look at me. Someone please cast your glance at me. Do I exist? Can you see me? Can you hear me? Do I matter?”

Yes, we do matter. Each of us possess a special set of gifts and abilities. As long as we are still breathing, there is still much work to be done. We can do it. We can be. We are love.”

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