My theory…

My theory

In recent times, there are many pagan stories, games and movies esp Marvel, DC comics… surrounding the youth of today like Gods and Goddesses of myriad folklore, culture, religion and more like Thor, Odin, Wonder Woman, and many more.

To me, if there are many who shared stories like these, definitely there must be some truth about their existence. I’m just being open because of my travels, there are many I’ve witnessed that cannot be explained.

Because of the rampant marvel movies of superheroes… And popular games like God of war…

Kids nowadays have so many questions. One of them is – why do these God portrayed in movies behave like humans, having wars, betraying each other and such?

Being a Muslim mom, I’m trying my best to explain to my kids. In Islam, we believe in monotheism – there is only one God. And I educate my kids with such beliefs.

In my youth, I’ve spent my years with Quranic teachers, memorisers and healers. And I’ve witnessed other entities possessions of humans and more. Thus, I am more open to unexplained theories and conspiracies.

Whatever my theory shared here is not intended to hurt or spread any truth/untruth about anyone’s religion or beliefs. This is about me and my thoughts. I respect everyone’s religion, culture and beliefs.

I was taught in Islam that there are two types that were created to serve God and will face judgement – Man and Jin. Angels serve but no judgement for them., except maybe Harut and Marut.

Unlike what the Ms Marvel Series shared, to me Jin is not a type. It’s the whole universe of another entity beside mankind.

So whatever unexplained phenomenon in this world like aliens, unicorns, mermaids, fairies, vampires, werewolves etc… to me, is categorised as Jin. As what men and women of colorful cultures, races and gender lies in the category mankind.

As mentioned in some of my posts, while volunteering in a Quranic school, I get to learn the art of Quranic healing and witness various healings done by teachers and students. And also witness many conversations happened between men and other entities, we called Jin.

And also in Islam, our prophet pbuh Prophet Muhammad saw was also invited to preach to the Jin world. And so we acknowledge their existence. And in Quran, there is a sura called Jin. And also Quranic verses are often encouraged to be used in case of any trouble with them.

Anyway, that is another story told somewhere in my blog.

So to educate my kids…
I believed that the Gods like Thor and many other religion/culture beliefs of many Gods are actually of Jin.

They can appear in our dimension if they chose to. They can also reside in our bodies. When our energy is SUPER low especially depression, mentally burnout etc….they enter through our bloodstream.

And yes, they have supernatural abilities. But in Islam, Man is often better than them, only we have not unlock our fullest potential.

So these Jin appeared before mankind when they are troubled. And they meddle in affairs of men. And as they solved or manipulate men with solutions, they were worshipped by some men in awe of their powers.

And so these Jin stood majestically like Kings and Queens (pretend to be God) and lord over mass. And there are also offsprings out of these Gods with humans, thus the semi-god like humans are created. I called them “bunian”, offsprings of human women and jin.

This is because I’ve had a Quranic teacher told me stories about his friend who actually marry a Jin woman.

And in my own grandfather/motherly tales, I was told that there are men and women who can transform into animals. Some can also be invisible in our world being able to travel in both man and Jin dimension.

Personally I’ve witnessed some fantasy-like creatures. And it wasn’t my own creation or imagination but a few has witnessed alongside with me.

So the miracles of statues of Gods that can bleed, cry tears of milk and such is actually Jin reside in these statues and making them do these things.

Again, all these are my own beliefs. I’m just sharing them in hope that mothers like me who believe in monoteism can explain to their kids without jeopardising their faith.

Whether the above is true or false. It’s up to you. These are just my beliefs and I’m just sharing.

I used to often use the term “God” but after many misused and misconstrued and misconceptions, I used myriad terms. My fans and readers are mostly spiritual and of diverse religions. I’m doing my best to speak to all. Only the Creator knows what i meant when I used these terms. Don’t judge others. Think good and well of us all. Thank you.

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