Human’s life is akin to seasons

A day before and after my moon time, there will be a moment where I will be all teary eyed and emotional.

Felt like when my menses arrived, my higher self is telling me, it’s time for deeper work with your woman self (feminity) and then after, when moon time is over, felt like… after the deep intimate work, its sad to say goodbye till the next cycle approaches.

For those oblivious to what mentioned above, a great miracle has visited them and left without them knowing.

Its a great loss. Because in deep introspect of moon time, its when we gathered all parts sewn into one and truly deeply heal, reflect, regenerate and let go in surrender, awaiting new birth, ideas, creativity and more.

Knowing ourselves deeply inside and outside will churn out our own great power.

For men, too, they need some sacred time alone to do the above for their own masculinity. Unlike woman, ours are according to our period (moon time). For men, they can check in with their gut, when it’s right to be in “cave”.

Be it in a group work or solo. Both are equally powerful. When they complete each month reflecting in deep introspect and heal, and cleanse while rejuvenate…. He will be reborn. He will expand and rejoice.

We are like the seasons of the world. Spring (warming up, start to pace faster) , Summer (go all out – work and play) , Autumn (start to slow down) , Winter (deep rest, meditate, spiritual work, hibernate) .

I’m just generalising. You know what you need. So cater to your own. Ask and serve yourself fully, before you can go all out and serve your family and the world.

If we do not honour our own seasons then we might be imbalanced, and may also be exhausted from continuously pulling onto a one season (summer) all year round.

Meditate daily to ensure you are constantly intune with all parts of you – body, heart, mind and spirit.

Have fun, Rediscovering you.

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