Journey of a newbie podcaster : Day 3

Thru out this journey, I’ve been tripping and falling. Making mistakes clumsily. And each mistake cost me.

I started wondering why is this so. Was my attention all over the place? Was I losing focus?
Am I truly ready to embrace a new project? Whenever I falter and lost faith, my coach came forward and guide me.
I’m used to being coached. But mainly with male coaches. I used to be the “blur sotong” and ended last amongst my male peers mostly because I was too busy in my head. 
Thus I’ve learnt to be fast, quick and creative to speed forward in my tasks and journey.
But this time, it was different. It was no longer a race. The coaching system is different. No more dumping the students in the pool even though they don’t know how to swim. 
The magic of opening new unknown doors is that, I have to have no expectations. Just trust the process. But sometimes it’s difficult because some methods have been ingrained in my subconscious. But I’m surprised by this new way. 
Coach, her team and me then discussed my path, my brand, my purpose and my destination. Its truly amazing to have some grounding from a team that knows what they are doing. I’ve been on my path for far too long that sometimes I forgot to see my life from a different perspective.
And so a brand make over is needed. As the face of my own brand, I too needed some.
Though I’ve been doing this for quite some time, and I’ve been so independent on my own for ages. It’s very tough to let someone else hold my hand and lead me. 
Allowing someone else to lead the way, hold my hand and share my journey with them is a biggie. Because thru out my life, I’ve been thrown on the streets with no manual. 
Being on the streets can be quite scary. But experiences taught me that I had to recover quickly and be street smart. No one had stopped to take my hand and guide me. Most just give me directions and waited for me at the finishing line. 
Thus I realised, these are some of my weaknesses.
So this Makeover is not just physical (though it’s fun), it’s also a learning journey of letting oneself be led with love. 
Letting go of what works and what doesn’t. To face my fears and look them square in the eye, and say – let’s do this. Let’s repair and edit this. It’s not working. Let’s brainstorm ideas. It’s OK to make mistakes. I’m here for you. You are not alone. I’ve been there. Let’s do this together…
Working with women is indeed different. I’m so used to having my male counterparts, brainstorming ideas and take actions, go, go, go! 
It’s always about the results. The how is of no concerned to them because it only indicates the students’ own enthusiasm, determination and resourcefulness. 
But here, there is an element of softness. An element of heart. A touch of love. A whisper of advice. A loving hand to hold onto into a journey of the unknown. And definitely a good box of kleenex when the going gets tougher. 
Their presence is truly appreciated in every step of the way. 
Below is the before and… 
But the after Makeover photo is not this… These are just my own candid takes. 
If you wanna know how I looked, do check out my every blog on podcast! Even I cannot recognise myself 🙂 
Overall it was tiring but fun. My body has forgotten how to pose. To look confident, with a straight back and with a slight arch of the neck and tilt of the face. Even the smiles began to fade when one had to hold it for long. 
Complicated right? I wished I paid attention and kept those lessons in my head (stuffs I’ve learnt in modeling school in my teens.)
It was good to truly see myself in the mirror . The eye bags were everywhere, can be the product of crying, missing my mom or just ageing. I saw my white hairs peeking in abundance. I’m not affected by that. But it’s truly good to see me. 
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Feeling good….
P. S: The dates of blogging may not tally cos I’ve been busy lately. I do blog on the spot but I did not publish them on time. Thank you. 
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