133 – Chicken lover

I was preparing to marinate a whole chicken for roasting….
When I got startled to find the deformed chicken having extra parts. It has a tiny toe with claw protruding out of the thigh bone, two tips joined at the wings and another 2 tiny toe with claw protruding out of another wing.
And it came from a prominent halal chicken brand from Brazil. The age shocked me that I threw it immediately.
Many things played in my mind. There should be quality assurance team to check on these and this chicken should not be out in the supermarket.
I fear that they injected all kinds of stuff in the chicken that they became “abnormal” looking.
Chicken, tofu, eggs and vegetables are my main diet. Fish and meat, once in a while. (unless it’s my favorite fish in asam pedas or sashimi and steak).
I was toying with the idea of lessening my chicken intake to having them only on weekends.
Well, seeing the chicken with extra abnormal parts turned me off and perhaps motivate me to be more vegan in my everyday.
I remembered my first reaction was…. I deeply sympathise with the chicken.
Can it run and fly with its wings like that? I wonder if it struggles to live. Was it in pain? Suddenly, all these popped up in my head…. Making it unbearable for me to eat chicken.
Will I ever turn to the other side fully? Will I ever be vegetarian or vegan full time? 
What about you? 
What type of food are you incline towards? 
Do you feel happy enjoying them, everyday? 
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