134 – At home with myself and partner

What does home felt like?
Being with another that feels like home is like…
Feeling safe, loved and trust that no matter what uncertainty the future holds, everything will be fine.
Feeling unjudged and loved for everything that I am and I am not. 
Felt like I can do anything under his wings. I can dance as much as I like and rest whenever I have enough. And the world does not felt intimidating because I have another by my side and has my back.
Life felt wonderful just to be in each other’s presence. The world stood still, time glides so slowly and all I can see is… us in love.
Everything has a smile, I skip when I walk with heart fluttering with light and with much joy. 
Trust comes easily. Absence only makes our hearts fonder. There is no need to own each other. Because we don’t want to clip each others’ wings. 
Life has so much meaning and filled with colors again and definitely with much purpose.
I no longer question why I’m here because the reason is boldly in front of me. And we have a shared purpose together. A mission of love to spread. 
It’s not about being with the perfect man. It’s about feeling everything is perfect because I’m able to own my imperfections with him. And so do he. 
With him by my side, all frowns and tears will still be there but shall be wiped away by his beaming love.
His chest is where I throw myself a million times because there I shall lull myself to sleep and be in peace whenever I feel troubled. His scent alone comfort and console me.
We no longer have to be so strong. We be there for each others’ vulnerabilities and witness the growth each other has borne and transformed. 
His manly presence automatically brings out my feminity. And we collide and sync and dance together with our masculinity and feminine energies, harmoniously. 
We interchange our roles in our everyday. There is no certain limitations we imposed on each other based on traditional gender roles of the world. We explore them all. 
When we first met, I knew its time to make a permanent pit stop. This deep knowing that home is here. And that we are fulfilling our promises to each other (made before we were born).
This is why it did not work out with many other men. Only when I’m home with myself did he appeared before me, asking me to share our homes, all parts of us (the good, the bad and the awesome) and our sense of belonging, together. 
Aah….it’s good to be home. 
What about you? 
What does home feels like to you, in a relationship? 
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