Journey of a newbie podcaster : Reflections

I must admit that no matter how strong one can “look” on the outside world, there will be times when we have to acknowledge our fallen moments and vulnerability.

If you have been my fans and readers for many years, I hope you noticed that I shared almost everything I’ve gone thru in life. I’m not just gonna potray a certain “celebrity persona” that looks good on my portfolio. 
I’m also human. There is duality in everything. To unite these contradicting concepts within and without is to accept all of it. And to me, until I embrace all parts of me, will I be able to be at home and happy with myself. 
My message is about being authentic, being ourselves even if the world reject or don’t approve. So how can I walk my talk if I myself did not do my best to be my authentic self?
Understanding about energy. Everything is energy. You, me, the world, thoughts, concepts, ideas, bonds, money, everything is energy. 
Grief takes a toll on someone with or without them realising. We can pretend that we had enough of grief and continues putting on a facade that everything is great with us.
No more wimpyness, no more tears, we say. But the reality is that…
Grief has no expiry date. And the ones that truly matters and hurt us deep were the ones that has been with us the whole entire life. 
Our mothers who have birthed us, we watched how they fought, won, lost and many more in their everyday challenges. We were there. Some times we partake some days we observed as a bystander, too small, too young to understand.
I’ve been with my mom for more than 40 years. How can I expect grief to pack up and go in just 1 year? So I have to trust the process of healing.
And not only that, thru this murky waters of finding my ground, I also have to be open to what the Universe has in store for me. I also have to learn to let in new people who can help me. 
Though the wounds are fresh and still bleeding, the pain, fears continues to pop up in most random ways, I have to trust.
Part of me felt that this podcasting may be another similar products like what Success Resources, Tony Robbins sold, a “ra-ra” perk me up, motivate, empower me, empower the world kinda of stuff… And definitely more money to be invested in me and my education path. But this time, a window of my heart is also opened with this invitation. 
Something I’m familiar with but with a tribe I’m not familiar with. And part of me say – why not!? Let’s see where this leads me.
And as I say yes and open the door to this uncertainty and into a world of the unknown, I understood there will be my own blocks, resistances and adopted beliefs that will show their ugly faces in order to “protect me” (or my ego to be precise)… But I’m open to learn, to heal and release them.
And though I am the Warrior Goddess, capable of handling anything that comes my way… 
Like everyone else I’m also petrified. I’ve also had been tricked, lied, abandoned, rejected, ridiculed, trampled upon, been sent letters/emails that hurt me deep, and many more in this entrepreneur world (of creating something purposeful to serve the world in anyway I can while earning to live happy and abundantly with my two sons).
So, let’s see where this new path of podcasting will lead me. 
Remember, if I, a single mom with two sons, a divorcee – a label, a stigma where communities disliked to be part of, whose families abandoned many times, whose millions of fans left and judge me thru my outlook (and not my work nor intentions of the heart) , who have failed many times and have to start from scratch over and over again….
Still able to continue finding ways of happyness and purpose regardless with the world’s approval (or anyone backing us up financially or emotionally) ….
Still happily creating own ways to be my authentic self, and live life on my own terms with the partnership of the Universe…
I believe that you, whoever, and whatever stage of life you are in, now… Can definitely do better. 
I believe in you and me. 
Because of our existence, we make the world a better place full of love, joy and adventures.
Expect Miracles, everyday. 
Don’t forget to click on my affiliate link, when you are interested to join me… 
And I’m thankful, truly grateful to the selected few amazing people, friends, fans who stayed behind, my support team, my tribe, my cheerleaders, my inspiring teachers, students, clients, mentors and many more strangers I’ve met spontaneously whose name may have left me but not your gifts of miracles. Thank you from my heart and soul. 
God bless you and me. 
P. S:
Being a warrior Goddess is not about being strong, it’s about embracing everything – the good, the bad and the awesome parts of us. 
Everyday, I’m navigating my feminine and masculine energies harmoniously. Not easy but possible. 
Everyone has them. 
Everyone is a warrior. 
Every woman is a goddess. 
My beliefs… 
I am a Warrior Goddess.
The world is my mirror. 
I am perfect in my imperfections.
I am strong, bold, and fearless
but also vulnerable
 and weak sometimes.
I am not afraid to laugh at myself 
nor cry at my mistakes 
I look at my wounds as  a warrior 
and I heal them as a goddess. 
I don’t need anyone to rescue me
But I embrace loving and
 helping hearts when needed. 
I dance harmoniously 
with my masculine
 and feminine energies. 
I partner with the Universe. 
Everyday, I expect miracles.
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