Heal the heart diy

Heart attack can be instantaneous, abrupt and invisible death for some. Actually we each have been given the signs and little symptoms before the huge attack. Only difference is are we going to listen and start healing or ignore it’s cries for help many times and let it happen….?

As we age, we tend to be more sensitive and aware of what’s happening in and around the body, heart, mind and spirit.

So be. Be aware. Expand your awareness. Be sensitive and seek questions within. Dig deeper when you are courageous. And find solutions.

This is for the heart. My niche is heart Wall, trapped emotions residing within the heart.

I’m sharing what I normally do for my clients. These are not in sequence. Sync with your being and do what feels right to you. And always read my disclaimer.

Be curious. Ask… Dig, learn and unlearn….

Take sometime to be with the heart. She has been working hard day and night for you. She deserves your time and attention.

Get a pen and paper…

  1. What’s happening to the heart? Describe with as many details as possible. For example – my heart beats rapidly and anxiously whenever she feels there is going to be a challenge ahead. My heart has been beating rapidly even after I climbed the hill, yesterday. Anxiety hits whenever I meet my family members. And my heart felt heavy, and sappy.
    1. What’s the root
      3.and cause?
      4.When did it start? Actual date and what is the event that trigger?
      5.Meditate and ask the heart personally what’s going on. She will speak in her own way. Listen with all your senses.
      I cannot take it anymore. Too much. I’m only 1 heart, 1 person. I felt like I’m saving the world. Burden upon me everyday. I got no one to let out to nor share. I felt overwhelmed. I need to heal. Give me some time and space.
    2. If you can, eat 1 small piece of garlic raw or through supplement before breakfast daily. Drink Celery juice, white carrot or and beet root juice daily (do consult your doctor and medical professionals for anything shared in my site and media)
      6.Less meat in your meal. If possible once a week. Eat more fish and vegetables.
      7.Include more raw vegetables whenever possible in your daily diet.
      8.Stop or lessen the phone, TV and all social media followings especially news. And drama addiction if any on TV series and movies. Do it for a month and notice the changes. Take baby steps, do it 1,3 days or a week first.
      9.Stay away from toxic people, friends and families especially naysayers, nonpositive peeps who sees life as bleaked, gossipers – those who updated you on gossips, unasked. And those emotionally vampires who dump shit on you whenever possible. Take a break from them and notice the changes happening within.
      10.Laugh as much as possible daily. Set an hour to laugh out loud for no reason daily.
      11.Exercise daily. Go for walks. Do yoga. Do aerobics. Whatever makes you happy, at least 30mins.
      12.Drink enough water. Our bodies can change the water we engraved daily with our limiting patterns. Decode them and Detox by drinking good water daily. At least 3 litres. (check with your doctor on actual consumption)
      13.Breathe. Set a side a breathing exercise daily. If not, swim daily. Swimming helps to regulate your breathing automatically.

Breathing exercise – breathe out the toxins in heart, breathe in to cleanse your what of any baggage, pain and suffering and destruction /drama pattern.

  1. Emotion Code whenever possible daily. Do a muscle testing technique (my favorite for newbie is sway test) and ask whether you have any emotions trapped in heart (emotion chart in emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson) . Also ask if you have any heart Wall, hidden or not. Ask any trapped emotions in heart Wall if have. Release them by tapping/sliding up each on forehead. (Read emotion Code book). You feel so much lighter in your being after these.
  2. Put first priority on you. This is the moment where you start and indulge in first class self care. Remember you matter. Your existence is crucially important to the world.
  3. Journal daily. Write it out. Write out what you feel. Whatever comes in your head. Write it out words that are forbidden to speak out. Write out everything with no judgement.
  4. Deeper work is to abstain from random sexual activities with strangers for at least 40 days and more. Because every act is a bond created to heart, body, mind and even spirit. Complicates and may overwhelm the heart and her healing process.

Once the steps above became a habit, then proceed on to whatever you felt nudge to continue deepening your healing journey. Always follow your own GPS, guidance, intuition and often consult the Almighty for help (for Muslims, pray istikharah, for others, ask with heart.)

If you read the emotion Code or and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, you can start healing yourself on your own. But if there are challenges like repetitive heart wall forming, then it’s best to seek Certified Practitioner. Because we invest thousands for the systems and we are tested and trained for them. Also most of us have years of experience.

Whatever it is, I wish you well on your journey. Everything has an answer and solution. It’s never too late. Everything is possible. Tweak your mind to create positive thoughts than negative. Let your body, heart, mind and spirit become your ally. You matter. We matter. We each are important.

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