Jinn, ghouls, ghosts, exorcism…

Warning: Long winded blog post. I’m trying to cram all my experiences in 1 blog post as much as I can.


For healing for the above and the unknown…. (meaning you went to the doctors, had many tests and they cannot find any issues with you and your health but you know there is something happening within and without)…

Especially mental imbalance and psychological issues…. (always ask/seek your doctor and read my disclaimer before attempting anything shared in all my sites and media)

I recommend Islamic healing using the Quran. This is for both Muslims and non.

I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve also experienced my own collections of the unseen. Have learnt many healing techniques and modalities from various communities and cultures thru out the world.

A short snippet on it to facilitate a basic understanding before you go further on your own research… https://youtu.be/oLPooLHkbT8

And in my experience, Islamic healing is best for the above. (especially for lone wanderers like me, hotels may be vacant, areas I stayed may be polluted with unseen entities and more, so how do I keep all these away? Recite the Quran and ask Allah for protection. Everything happens with His permission.)

For me personally, recite 10 ayat Albaqarah daily is enough. First 5 ayat, ayat kursi and last 3 ayat baqarah. Because for 3 days, the place you lived in will be protected.

And places like markets, ayat kursi is enough.

Sometimes when in “tougher” areas like forest, caves, haunted houses etc recite 7x and blow in all directions – front, back, right, left, up n down n ask the Creator to protect you and all your generations from all the evils of the world.

And to sleep, last 3 ayat or 2 of albaqarah is sufficient or 3 kul recite 3 x and blow on hand and sweep across all parts of bodies

Nightmares, last 2 ayat or ayat kursi is enough. Or can get up and take Ablution. And also pray.

Ruqyah compilations I’ve learnt but not yet making it a habit: (Remember jinn = ghosts, ghouls, entities are everywhere even in holy lands. Our recent encounter was Jerusalem).

Burning and hurting jinn is never my first option. Because they, like humans deserve to live and have second choice.

And death is best placed onto the higher power, let it be God’s choice not ours.

But once in my naivety, I was in so much pain and suffering for weeks, and in spite of what I warned them in words, they refused to leave and then I burnt them with Quranic verses. I set that as my intention and ask Allah for help. I regret that and I do not wish to do that again.

Ive also witnessed my then teacher Ustaz Jumadi Mustar (Malaysia) helping a religious young Muslim woman who has jinn reside in her body for 20 years. He leaves her body whenever she solat or recite Quran. And enters her again in all other times because he loved her.

So many weird events and incidents have I observed that nothing faze me anymore.

Anyway…. Ruqyah compilations to read for self, daily.

  1. AlFatihah
  2. 1-5 AlBaqarah
  3. 163-164 AlBaqarah
  4. 255-257 Albaqarah
  5. 285-286 Albaqarah
  6. 18-19alimran
  7. 54-56 alaraaf
  8. 115-118 almukminoon
  9. 1-10 assafaat
  10. 33-36 arrahmaan
  11. 21-24 alhasyr
  12. 29-32 ahqaaf
  13. 1-9 aljiin
  14. Alhumazah
  15. Ikhlas
  16. Alfalaq
  17. Annas

These are my personal methods I’ve used over the years. I’m just a wanderer who mostly traveled alone and may wander in weird places, sometimes.

The creepiest ever for me was in India. Southern, northern doesn’t matter. Caves, fort all landmarks, please recite some taawudz or the Albaqarah or Ruqyah before entering…

The creepiest ever was a roadtrip from bangalore to Chennai. My driver friend kept feeding me endless chai to keep me awake so he can have conversations with me to keep him awake. Lol.

Thus the need for exit for all the liquids. So I can feed me more chai to stay awake.

He stopped at wide roads I assume was expressway. No vehicles in sight because it was in wee hours of morning, probably 2am. Not too bright nor dark. Men can pee anywhere but I had an isolated toilet across the wide roads. He left me to go on my own. Showcasing my warrior mode, I went.

I actually half lifted my eyes in hope I see the whole toilet in blurry mode. I sense with all my sense there were many entities there. Fear crept in but I must go to relieve myself. It’s an emergency.

So armed with a handful of Quranic verses memorised mostly ayat kursi, I recite them in my heart (we cannot recite Quran in toilets with our mouth)..

Though I sensed many “monsters”, I also sense I am safe. It was dirty physically and spiritually that I had to stand squat a sitting toilet bowl and peed some in my pants. Jeans so it’s OK. Won’t permeate thru my seat.

I do wish I bought the tool that allow women to pee standing up that day (if they exist like in shopee nowadays).

Second creepiest was in Bali. There are others like in Blackforest Germany etc but I reckon the strongest was when I was with people who pray to these entities as their Creators. Though they are my friends and i respected their faith and beliefs, I also get to witness some events that can sent shivers down my spine.

Magic, sihr and all that can be felt mostly in Israel, African countries and Islands like Maldives. Those are creepy too even if some are Muslim countries. (must understand some cultures before Islam came to them may have incorporated these “magic rituals” in their day to day superstitions.

Also movies focusing onto magic like Harry Potter and loads more, please teach your kids to recite ayat kursi before watching (avoid watching, whenever possible), because incantations taught in movies and series, may come from true magic book of the past. (again do own research – for example :abracadraba is real)

My own understanding is that, magic was originating from 2 .

1 is harut marut the fallen angels in babylon. They taught humans but with disclaimer that what they taught are totally tools of hell. And whoever learnt cannot be saved.

Second was the deception placed by the jinns worked under the Prophet Sulaiman a.s. The methodology spread was said to be how the Prophet control the Jinn and made them work for him thru building amazing buildings and diving deepest oceans to get gems and all that. All lies.

And do notice, if the jinn knew the future which they fed the psychics nowadays, how come they don’t know Prophet Sulaiman a.s passed? It took them some time only after termite ate part of his cane that Prophet Sulaiman a.s fell to the ground indicating his death.

Yes, it may be true that Jinn went to the closest Heavens in hope to steal news about the future thus the shooting stars are fires to burn them (don’t make a wish). But the doors or “leaks” were closed/solved after the birth of Prophet Muhammad saw. So even if they get 0.0001% truth, the rest are lies,intermingling with deception that follows. (again fortune tellers are Shirik for Muslims even astrology news on papers, too).

Part of you may wonder. If Allah is so great then why is there leaks in heaven and are angels so incompetent and more? I went thru that path, questioning everything. That, my friend is another path of unknown depths in which you need to go thru on your own, base own your faith and beliefs. (My end belief is that – everything happens for our highest good, believe it or not even why Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and sent to Earth in separate locations, separated for so long duration and eventually unite. Only our limitation as a human cannot fathom the Greatness of our Creator and reasons why such events happened for our highest good) .

(So all these… again, plz do own research)

Whatever I shared, read my disclaimer and Always do own research.

Even for Islamic healing practitioners we called Raqi, home others may recommend… we still have to do our own research to seek the best for our healing. Do ensure its Quran they are reciting and not, more mantras or magic incantations (which is a big sin for Muslims cos Shirik).

Some called – Islamic healing practioners combined both. Or pretend to use the Quran but actually use “magic” (to me is using other entities to help cure patients is not healing but truthfully, they did not help to cure the patients fully but deepen the whole process into more darkness and complex the ailment and imbalance thus may need to seek them and their services often and regularly. Do listen/watch what some healers need to do to connect with jin – Muhammad Tim Humble youtube).

So before consulting them, seek the Almighty help. Pray istikharah for Muslims and for non, ask, pray, meditate to the Creator with all of your being and listen patiently for the guidance and answers.

In my young adult years, I had witnessed many healings through the Quranic techniques and learnt them. We also have somewhat interrogations for those entities that are stubborn and refused to leave, human bodies. (Do note jinn reside everywhere even in Holy lands like Mecca and Medina. They are like humans, some are good, some are not. Some are Muslims, Christian, Jews, pagans and more. Sometimes jinn enter and reside in our bodies when we are weak, like in anger or depressed mode. And sometimes they may fall in love with us (because they can see us and we cannot, unless they show themselves to us in forms our human world can showcase.)

A story – An Umrah officer my male partner had his 1 leg swollen when he came back to SG because a female jinn fell in love with him. He was a good guy, married with kids. Because of his good demeanor and kindness, the jinn loved him. Though she was Muslim and knew its a sin to enter a human body, she did it anyway and they had a conversation with her to leave him.).


Though I can and respect the Islamic healing way, But I do not have the courage to heal others in this technique. I’ve heard the challenges the Raqi and family have to go thru from my Raqi friends and it’s not something I’m prepared to handle

Most of my teachers and friends in this practice, I no longer keep connections with them or they migrated elsewhere….thus in SG, I only knew 1 person who can do this task efficiently. But it was ages ago, thus my info may not be updated. He may also no longer be in this healing practice.

Personally, I had visited Ustaz Fitras Bakaram in SG. (To date, I only visited 2x. at his office in Sims place, decades ago.) I’m not sure if he still conduct Quranic healing (for exorcism and entities attack on humans etc).

Do Check the Facebook for his contact. Unsure if he was the brother of our previous mufti. Do your own research. Go only when you feel and sync it’s right to go or and ask Allah for guidance.

Anyway, one can attempt to do the Ruqyah on your own through youtube, or a list of the Quran recitations to be done daily or read books on.

I have found 2 courses online by Muhammad Tim and Simply Islam, which I may be interested to join to heal myself. But I have not bought the courses, yet so again, do own research.

  1. Muhammad Tim Humble – You can check his youtube channel which have many info about healing with Quran on possessions, exorcism and more. There are also steps of self healing full Ruqyah in his site.


And his course if you want to learn more (I don’t receive anything for recommending)
: https://muhammadtim.teachable.com/p/ruqyah


I have directed some friends to the healing centres in SG but some centre has changed hands (ownership) and the answers shared by my friends make me doubtful and also some Islamic practitioners in SG uses method that is different than what I was taught and I felt doubtful to recommend anyone in SG (for example – able to see the jinn/entity with his own eyes and seeing there is a energy hole in patient’s neck area etc). I was taught that no one can see the real jinn (unless the person who sees has jinn inside of him or the jinn transform into animals or anything else that we can see as physical). See not sense. Sense, anyone can sense.

The energy hole,( for me, the term meant aura, or auric field surrounding us including chakras and all that ) I only learn that when I was learning spiritual healing with the other faiths but not in Islam healing method or Ruqyah method. (I don’t or no longer use any other healing techniques or modalities except for emotion Code and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson).

The many healings I witnessed, was in a tahfiz school, I went to, decades ago. And the closest techniques that I’ve witnessed and learn and I can find in a book is this: The Jinn and Human sickness (by Darussalam publisher) can be found on PDFDrive.

Unsure if it’s halal to download there. But if urgent, one need all the help they can get, right? So do own research.

For women especially, we can be the weakest link (due to moon time and all that). But we also may be stubborn to share our issues with people who mattered. And also may be shy because most Raqi are men. Thus we keep everything to ourselves. Do seek help when needed.

Do note, proper Raqi still draw the line between men and women as in Islam. They will not have any contact with you unless necessary, they use glove, they ask for family members to be present and not be alone with you. Also Ask you to cover your aurat in the sessions. And they recite out loud the Quranic verses.

Hope these helps.

The above methods can be used for both Muslims and non.

I’m just sharing as much I can remember. A bit messy. May edit when I’m free. Because as I edit, I add more. Thus short become long. 1 blog can become 1 book. So read own time, own target please but don’t stop, learning and unlearning.

Do note: Though movies showcased the use of ouija board to connect with entities/jinn, getting psychics and more for help. I was taught not to believe the jinn fully. Nor work with them.

Though I heard stories where male human did marry jinn, it’s best not to involve oneself when one is not strong within and without (once I heard from the jinns that they cannot enter or be near a hafiz Quran from Madinah cos too hot (Quran burns).

Also do not get Jinn to heal from jinn. Quran in itself is powerful enough (with God permission). We, humans are given the tools, so use the Quran wisely.

Also do not get jinn and entities to enter you (your bodies no matter what they promised you) even if they have wisdom.

In law of attractions and new age books, there were some westerners who have connections with other beings and such… that people pay to go their seminars and such… to listen to the wisdom of these beings. I take it they are all jinn. If you allow them to enter even for good reasons, it’s not easy to get them out.

All these are my own opinions and through my observer experiences and my own, that is the best solution.

You do you. Do your own research. Choose the best outcome from many advices given by peeps online and offline. Remember the consequences faced is you and your loved ones.

Also, for fame, money or whatever you desire, do not involved entities to get all these. We can get all these without their help.

Because you may think you signed your soul to the devil and hell and that’s it. But it involved lots more and may implicate many generations after you. Some patients came forward because of entities left by previous generations when they died (saka and more).

Do you want to leave a legacy of empowerment, inspiration or pain, darkness and loads more…to the innocents ?

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