Women empowerment starts here…

Dear Women,

do you feel …

-a certain emptiness within

-a restlessness that can no longer be contained

-there is more to life than the current life you are living

-isolated, lonely, don’t belong even though surrounded by many

-often tired and exhausted in crowds

-no matter how much work you did on self, cannot manifest desired results

-incomplete, not whole & tired of searching for something/someone

-self sabotaging without understanding why/how to stop it

-heavy not just physically but mentally, spiritually and heart-fully

-dead inside

-stagnant, unsure where to go next in life

-travel to experience temporary bliss, peace and joy (escape current situations)

-tired of acting, being a fraud and wearing & changing masks everyday

-overwhelmed by shoulds and what the world “wants” of you

-addicted with love or some other forms of temporary solutions like cravings and habits that cannot be stopped

-attracting the same pattern of people and challenges

-uneasy feeling of lost, wanting to come home

…and men too.

You are not alone.
Let’s work on these,

Together let’s awaken our hearts and souls and be the light of love that we are.

You don’t have to be alone and you won’t be if you take that first big step of boldness and connect.

Contact me at linamasrina@gmail.com

Everything will be kept confidential.

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