Dear awakened ones, speak your truth …

No matter what.

Even when no one understood.

Because it ripples out far and wide without you knowing.

When I was in the “Halal world”, I saw vividly this vision of Halal food being one of the healthiest option for all (regardless of race and religion)…

And no one understood me. And it was tough. I then decided to “bulldoze” through.

And one mentor said-They are not ready for you, yet.

I didn’t understand. I thought that if I can see it so can others.

But that was not the reason I left.

As a world traveller and one who is intuitive, I “download” information very fast and “blend” well wherever I go.

When I come back or whenever my loved ones asked me, I will excitedly share what I’ve discovered. Not many can grasp my excitement nor understood a gist of it.

But it’s okay.

As I watched the Halal industries expanding wildly. I understood it very well.

Recently I was in a community of the “awakened but hidden ones”. What I meant is that: Most are old souls, they are intelligent beings but they mask their intelligence to be what their surroundings wanted them to be… normal.

People who are slowly waking up and “remembering”…

-and intune with their birth gifts like intuition, clairsentinence etc

-People who don’t feel belonged because no one understood what they are saying/expressing

-People who sees the truth way before their surroundings “get it”…

-People who knows the solutions right after they were faced with the challenges

-People who are changing rapidly and have no clue what’s happening but deep down they feel calm and at peace

-People who tend to gravitate far away from the limelight and help from behind the curtains anyway they can

-People whose “onion skins” have been peeled that they can “see” past, present and future

-People who felt they are wearing masks just to “blend in”…

And many more.

And some are clients/participants who have been through healing processes from various healers/programs that they feel that they can no longer hide or stop from speaking the truth or they will ended up with “inner turmoil” that may cause internal dis-ease…

I say to you…

Don’t wait.

Speak up.

Even when no one understands because…

Those information you expressed out thru speech, words, arts, work etc will one day be understood…

When the right time came for them, and their “onions skins”, masks, blocks, walls have been removed/cleared/released, they will REMEMBER and understand.

It can be days, weeks and even decades….

In the mean time, bless them, bless us all with love cos we are all doing the best we can with what we knew. And everyone “sees” life differently.

And everyone comes to earth with different soul Mission and contract. And everyone’s soul maturity is not the same as anyone.

Don’t stop speaking your truth.

Speak your truth and detach from the outcome. Let go, let God take over.

Don’t force others to understand or take it as their truths. Your truth may not be their truth. Respect and honor their own paths.

For those who are ready…
The TRUTHS will ripple out wide and spread wildly within and without (even without us knowing, they work magically and invisibly) and before you know it….the truth that you expressed out years ago may one day come back to you.

because everything is energy, when you expressed out, the Universe and the people are witnessing your “truth” being displayed and acknowledging them.

Speak up, express it all or at least show up for what you believed in.

TRUST the Universe will help you spread it.

Wake us up.
perhaps we may have forgotten.

Speak your truth and you shall inspire others to do the same.

p.s: I’ve experimented with my “truths” since I was young. I was petrified at adults’ outcome of that and told myself to shut up. Keep it in. I don’t want to be punished. I was afraid.

As I grew up, these truths were tormenting me inside. And eventually I had forgotten to “voice out”… i go along with everyone with no say of my own. Eventually I “died” on the inside.

To start living again, i got clumsy with my truths. I made lots of mistakes. I lost lots of “friends” (its ok, the right soulmates will stand by you and your truths).

I then started blogging in my “safe” space. And then I voiced out my truths.

Much later on…
As my intuitive gifts “reopened”, I shared bluntly. Not knowing that we each have a threshold of understanding.

Some souls just “graduated” from kindergarten, some high school, some university and so on.

When I say share your truth, share it with love. Speak up with compassion. And detach from the outcome.

They may believe you, they may not. Its ok. Your job is done. And say when you feel is right. Not for ego’s sake but for the highest good of all. You know when its right…when it feels good/neutral and you know it comes from our highest selves.

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