Women it’s time to come out of hiding!!!

It’s time to SHINE!

it’s time to lead!

Lead the best way you know how, from the heart….

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us..”- Marianne Williamson.

Why are you afraid of your own light?

Why wait till you are perfect or for the perfect timing? Now is perfect!

The MEN are ready to support us in any way they can. They are ready to do whatever it takes for us to shine in our own way, in our unique messages, in our own favorite colour, our own voice, fashion, expression, etc.

For many many many many years…. women have been the supporters, the cheerleaders, the backbones, core root of many successful families, businesses, men, children and many more.

They multitask efficiently in whatever roles given (i visualised women like the octopus with many tentacles doing many things at one time ;)and or they successfully navigate out of whatever predicament they landed in….

They were comfy in being invisible, in the back drop/back ground whatever… helping a hand from a far, with as much love and gentleness they can muster.

But now….
The world has changed drastically.

Men are giving way to women to lead or they actually lead together in unison.

We don’t have to eliminate each other. Men do need women. And women need men. So why can’t we work together?

I felt this synergy very strongly this year and especially in my surroundings.

The women and men are growing in consciousness together and are awakened.

If you are sensitive enough you can sense it everywhere.

But for those still groping in the dark, its not too late to find your voice and speak your truth and do your purpose.

If one is restless that means your heart and soul is not in sync with your being.

Stop playing small. You being small does not serve anyone not even you.

Only when you SHOW UP and play your part by playing your soul tunes, will others show themselves too.

I am thankful to have around me, beautiful courageous MEN….

brave enough to come forward and guide the women to their powers. Guide them to embrace their light.

I called these MEN, guardians of women. No, they are not too much into their feminine selves that they are always gentle and soft (they can be at times because they flow seamlessly between masculine and feminine energies, using what is best at the moment).

They are what I called “the Masculine Men”, (i called them-the Men’s men), the ones who are strong, brave, courageous not just from the outside (yes some are muscular like Dwayne Johnson, courageous honorable warrior like Braveheart) but on the inside as well.

Those who are pioneers. Who are not afraid to be led by women they called Goddesses (women need not be so masculine to be leaders).

They are not afraid what the society may call them. They happily guide, facilitate or even held their women’s hands to come out and be the light that the world is waiting for.

I’ve seen my MEN trainers, all martial arts’ teachers with bright masculine prowess and energy, flowing with the Universal’s truth, helping hundreds of women coming out of their shells to embrace their own light with love. It was an awe-amazing transformational sight to be remembered. Shattered my limitations of beliefs about men, totally.

Meanwhile, women….
with the Men and the Universe supporting you (bending over backwards if they have to)…
what are you waiting for?

What’s stopping you from being the light?

The light, the leader, the teacher, the dancer, the healer, the….

Just make the first step. And the rest of the path shall unfold beautifully.

If you need support, ASK. (I can help you help yourself)

i love you, my goddesses.

It’s time.

It’s time to come home.

p.s: Writing on a whim, have not editted yet… straight from the heart.

Masculine and feminine: everyone have them. Balancing them within your self is your own success formula. Not everyone is the same. So experiment it within self.

Often, there is this deep growing unsatiated unfulfilled desire nestled within us women. We are no longer easily satisfied with temporary fast-gratification solutions. We want to work from the truth. We want to dig up whatever we stored to reveal our truth. We are no longer afraid.

Women are coming out bold in various directions in many places. I’ve witnessed this… Only by me coming out and showing up was I able to see the others.

I felt that if this “dissatisfaction within” is left “unchecked”, it will grow and grow and somehow “self-destruct” the person by creating dis-eases in body like depression, suicidal, cancers (especially in breast, womb, uterus and all the “womanly” organs).

Start small, start big, whatever… just start.

Share your voice, your message to those you trust. Perhaps you are not just coming home alone but by being a guiding light to many to come home together.

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