Day 99-We make our own luck.

What I feel like saying…
I don’t normally watch TV. But lately, I was bored and was browsing thru TV series. I’m a sci-fi, mystery, rom-com, fairytale fan. And so I chance upon series like blindspot, izombie, grimm and many more.
As I was watching some, I remembered black forest often mentioned by Grimm TV show.
Image above is from my Instagram… 
I remembered how magical it was. A few of my warrior friends brought me there and we got lost but we found a little place of haven where we hang out for a bit and chat.
It was night and it was pitch black. That’s how black forest got its name. We had to use torch light just to walk a path. We were deep in the forest. There was no one to be found. It was not eerie. It felt magical. Like those in fairy tales.
Anyway, as I shared some of my travel stories with friends. They often said – You are so lucky. And some said – my travels were not as fun.
I told them, we make our own luck. And everyone has them.
I have friends who have non-pleasant travels and have not travelled eversince. They felt that they were bad luck or something.
I told them, that whether we are lucky charms or not, we create that within us.
And told them to dig deeper.
These beliefs about whether we were born cursed or lucky charms, have something to do with how we see the world and how we perceived the world “see” us. 
And then I remembered my travels, close encounters or one can say near-missed events – riots (Greece), bombs (India) , quarantined (Japan) and lockdown (China) and many more… Most of them happened near me without me being aware. 
And I’m grateful to be “lucky”. 
I believe everyone is a lucky charm. No one is born cursed. No one is bad luck unless they truly believe that illusion. 
And whenever I start an adventure, I believed that its gonna be fun and that the Universe has my back. And I believe that I attract the right wonderful people.
What about you?
How’s your travel adventures? Are you lucky or the opposite?
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