Day 98 – Magnetic beings

What i feel like saying..
We are all magnetic beings.
I chanced upon my own magnetism once upon a time. I didn’t notice until a mentor told me.
I then began to notice it. When I’m supercharged with so much happiness, I have so much power to magnetise my desires.
And I became aware that I also attract mass of people. People of all sorts, people whom you may need, mentors, teachers, business partners, lovers, new friends acquaintances, opportunities and more…. came forward as well.
Do these daily exercises everyday and noticed what you attract:
Upon waking up… Do these exercises for 1-3minutes (if you are having so much fun, you can extend, do whatever feels right)
1. Laugh for 1 minute, laugh for no reason at all. Tickle self. Imagine your happiest moments. Do whatever it takes. You can also pretend to be happy and laugh it out loud. Eventually you noticed your body will be filled with warmth of your laughters and joy. 
2.  Look into the mirror and say – “I love you.” 
Look into your very eyes. Notice the face. The every beautiful texture, curves and lines. Notice how beautiful you are.
3. Tell yourself. “Today is my lucky day. I attract whatever I need and want easily and effortlessly.” 
Believe that – The world is abundant. There is more than enough for everyone. And Universe has your back.
Do this daily and notice miracles showing up. Have fun. 
We are all magnetic beings. 
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