Day 9- A woman’s true worth

Day 9 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues….

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what I feel like saying… 
A woman’s true worth. 
Previously I never understood my own worth. I fell in love easily and got my heart broken into pieces. I surrendered my heart to anyone who loves me. 
Sometimes I got obsessed into owning someone. I thought that was love. I wanted to prove my worth. 
By owning someone I thought was credible, I felt my worth will be elevated. And I thought that’s my happily ever after. 
Thru men’s eyes, I judged myself. How they loved me, I accepted that as my worth. I never thought I was beyond that. 
One day, feeling frustrated, something within me questioned- Is that all there is? Am I worth this much? 
The men that I loved were not able to love me the way I deserved to be loved. I had to compromised myself according to their needs and time. 
I wanted more. I deserved more. I had sacrificed lots and had never ask for more but this time, I’m tired of begging. Begging for morsels of love. 
I’m tired of being treated like a beggar. I’m tired of being served with mediocre love. 
I’ve given my best. And I deserve the best. 
And I rose. I rebel. I walked my own solo path. I went sabbatical. I looked deeper into my heart and soul. 
Years went by, I stood by and watched her. She has learn her lessons from her many “broken-ness” experiences. 
She has grown. Her worth cannot be measured. 
Everyday, she gives her all in her purpose, her loved ones, her dear self. She has cried, laughed, healed and cuddled herself with the wounds of her past. 
And she no longer measure her worth true eyes of another. She knows her own true worth. She need not prove her worth to anyone. 
She definitely is worthy of the best things in life and that includes her love story. 
From then on, she only allow those who are worthy of her love to enter her sacred life. 
She no longer has broken hearts but men and women who supports her fully and lovingly as she heal from the past. 
Men and women who will wipe her tears away and be cheerleaders for her purpose and passion. 
Men and women who motivate and empower her when the world seems unkind, sometimes. And carry her when her wings got broken, and are readily available with their time to listen whenever, wherever she needs her confidante. 

She knew now, love is not about owning anyone. But love is about setting them free. 
Loving them as they are, even the wild ones. 
Love is not about taming the wild ones but running wildly in love with them. 
And a woman’s worth is priceless. 
Treasure yourself, dear worthy women of the world.
Don’t give away yourself to others so easily. Whatever you need, give it to yourself. 
Pamper yourself. Love yourself. Make yourself happy. Don’t wait or expect anyone to do it for you. 
You are a precious treasure and you are definitely worthy of the best things in life and that includes men. 
Love, Lina. 

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