Day 10: What does it mean to be conscious?

Day 10 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 

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what I feel like saying.. 
What does it mean to be a conscious woman?
Everyone has different understanding of this. 
To me it’s about being awake and aware. Being awake and aware of one’s surroundings on the outside and also of the world within. 
It’s not easy. It takes practice.
For years, I dozed away my life. I was not present. In fact my spirit often stays out of my body in fear. My loved ones noticed that whenever they talked to me, though I’m physically present, they can feel that I’m not fully there. 
I’ve learnt that when I’m not conscious, life passed me by. And I’m never there to witness it fully. And if any unpleasantness arises, I was quick to pin it on the outer world. 
I was detached and I was never a part of the reality. But as soon, I learn to be conscious of the world within and its effect on the outer world, it was easy for me to change. 
To change my beliefs, to change my limitations, to questioned my illusions and to enforced my truths. 
To be a better person and change the blueprint within. 
Be conscious – Stay awake and aware of the world within and with-out. 
Only by being conscious can we use the past to learn/unlearn, to be present in the Now and cherish it’s fleeting moments and to manifest joyous miracles for the future. 
What does being conscious means to you? 

And If you prefer  freshness, my everyday posting, check out my fb page.
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