Day 11 – Women and moon time.

Day 11 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 

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what I feel like saying… 
When I first had my menstruation, I was given a long list of what not to do and be the obedient girl. 
No one told me that period came like hell erupting from within. Only rules and regulations that I must stick to. 
For many years, I observed women in my surroundings cower in shame whenever they were having their periods. 
And in spite of troubling “menses” pains, they were doing more to hide and compensate that. And they often overworked during menstruation. 
They were not taught to held their heads high when they menstruate. Because menstruation/periods were often labelled dirty, disgusting and some even believed it was punishment for the sins of women and many more. 
No one told them to honour themselves and their bodies. No one told them to take a break. No one told them to rest and let the world serve them like a Queen. They continued on, exhausting themselves when they were supposed to rest. 
I got my first “rest notice” served to me in my thirties. My teachers taught me a valuable lesson. 

Menstruation is a blessing. It is a time where girls and women take time off. Its the time to rest and indulge in self care. 
I take these precious days to dwell and play in my solitude. I pay full attention to the slightest pain in my body and take heed of her needs. 
It is also the time to unleash my inner wild. This is the time my inner wild does not want to listen to anyone. She does not want to do routine household chores and fulfill her daily responsibilities. 
She becomes the wild child. The tantrum thrower. The rebel. The angst. The sadness. The terror. 
Parts of “disobedient” self comes home to unite and be whole. 
This is the moment, women should cherish. The moment to listen fully to whispers of pain and ecstacy. Of fears and love. Of wildness and caged. Of parts approved and disowned. 
The first 3 days, when it feels like all hell breaks loose, my kids gives me space. They were taught to honour women during this challenging moments. And yes, I was treated like a Queen. 
I told my kids to stay away when things got rougher. And let me be. And if ever words that came out of my mouth was not my usual self, I told them to let the words exit their left ears. 
This is the moment I don’t judge myself and just be. 
This is the moment to treat myself like a Queen. 
This is not the moment to fulfill the world’s version of me. This is not the moment to be an obedient and good girl. This is the moment to release that disobedient girl. 
Our bodies speaks to us in more ways than one. Women have been multitasking and taking on jobs and fulfilling roles beyond their abilities. It’s overwhelming to be a woman nowadays. 
Yes, overwhelmingly stressful, if you do not know how to say no and honour your healthy boundaries. 
And so nature create within us this special resting period. So we can rest, pamper, heal and rejuvenate in tender, sweet love. 
This is the time to be whoever I wanna be. Be whatever I wanna be. If I wanna be lazy, so be it. If I want to rest, let it be. And if I want to sing at the top of my lungs, then I shall do it. I am the Queen. 
This is the time, to be with me fully and wholly. It is the time for self-healing. I will be my own best friend. And I shall be kind to myself. 
My whole body is going thru an intensive process for my highest good. I shall honour that. I shall pamper her and fulfil her needs. And I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is comfy. 
And the more I listen to my inner wild, the less pain I received. I no longer have to go thru a challenging “hot molten lava eruption”. It has been very peaceful for a decade. Me and she, we have harmoniously unite. 
Honour your menstruation period. Listen. Indulge in self care and love. Be kind to self. 
It’s time for self-healing in your own way. Cherish it. 

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