Day 8 – Embrace your emotions

Day 8 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 

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what I feel like saying… 
They say… “boys don’t cry”.

Growing up, I heard that a lot.
Later, they add in, good girls don’t cry. 
As much as I’m a cry baby, I was not allowed to cry out. I had to hide to feel and release my emotions. These emotions soon became trapped. 
Thru out the years, I felt like I’m carrying a heavy baggage. 
Baggage of trapped emotions – these emotions were crying out, wanting to be acknowledge, for us to learn/unlearn from its expressions and wanting to be released from our systems once their messages were heard. 
Due to not able to express my emotions, I became overweight, aged and stressed out. I was often unwell. I decided to find the root causes of it and heal myself. 
Emotion code and EFT are some of the ways I’ve learnt to acknowledge, learn and release these trapped emotions accumulated within me thru out the years. 
And eversince, I’ve been my happy, light self. And some even say I still look like I was in my twenties. 
And when my boys were born, I’ve never stopped them from crying out at home or in public. I told them that it took courage for boys and men to acknowledge their emotions and express them out healthily (not hurting anyone) .

To truly listen to the emotions to learn/unlearn and then release them.
And no, they are not like girls. They become intune with themselves. They embrace their emotions and express them out. 
There is no need to hide nor suppress them. 
And they are happy and lighthearted as me. And yes, healthy too. 
This is one of the secrets of being healthy, happy and younger looking.


And If you prefer  freshness, my everyday posting, check out my fb page
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