Day 7 – Being an abundant woman….

Day 7- the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues….

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what I feel like saying…
What does it mean to be an abundant woman? 
She manifest abundance easily and effortlessly because she gives recognition to the little abundance in her life everyday. 
Abundance is her. She is abundance.

Gratitude is key to being abundant. 
What are you grateful for, today ? 
Keep a gratitude journal. Be aware of the littlest things.
Be aware and rejoice for every abundance received. 
Dance silly, say thank you out loud, do gratitude in your own joyous way. 
Know that abundance is everyone’s birthright. And there is enough abundance for everyone. (if u think of lack, u vibrate “lack” and u attract lack. We attract what we are, remember?) 
Abundance can be the penny you found on the road. The hugs given by your loved ones. The kisses of your kids in the morning. 
Abundance can be the smile of a stranger when you greet her good morning. Or it can be a thank you to the barista who made coffee for you today. 
Everyday, there is abundance of blessings. Acknowledge it and be grateful. And that itself ripples out more and attracts miracles of abundance, everyday. 


And If you prefer  freshness, my everyday posting, check out my fb page
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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