Day 6 – What is your one word? Your truth…

Day 6 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 

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what I feel like saying….

What is your one word?
(u have to watch this video below, to find your one word. Its truly enlightening. And no, I don’t earn anything by sharing with u this secret :))

I used to wear many masks just to be safe. I adapt and be flexible to change to my surroundings so I can be prepared to what’s coming. 
I wore masks to be “normal” so others won’t find reasons to bully me. Or to find fault or make fun of me or to abuse me in any way. 
The “story” was-both my parents went to work and they left me in trust to an elderly woman. She was nice but her kids and grandkids were not. And so, I was mistreated. The elderly woman were busy with my baby brother. But she left me with her young adult kids and the many kids that were present. 
I tried to share with my mom about these “abuses” but they overheard and I was abused and threatened even more. And so I shut up, and took over the task of protecting myself. 
I became very aware and observant. I watched them and remembered the details.
I became a people pleaser. I became a chameleon. I change very fast and became adaptable. What worked, I used it often. The mask that people loved, I used it often. I changed the many masks I adopt, often. And I got lost. 
I lost sight of the true me. I got lost in the many false identities I’ve created to avoid pain. As a child, it was for my safety. But as I grew up, there was a nagging unhealthiness within. I was restless. I was not “home” with myself. 
I felt like a fraud. I adopt other people’s identities including their likes and dislikes. Who am I? I didn’t know. 
After my marriage crumbled, my many identities came off too. 
I had to dwelve deeper within and rediscover my true self. It was not easy. These masks were my comfort zone, my safe zone. And to question them, I had to go deeper into my darkness, shadow, pain and fears. 
I had to face my pasts I’ve hidden so well from the world including myself. 
And thru it all, I’ve found my one word. It’s authenticity. 
That is the key to my success. The one word that spur me one. The one word that made me do some of the craziest things in the world. The one word that fill my heart with joy. The amazing relationships are with the people associated with that word. 
Looking back, I’m grateful for my experiences. 
What is your one word?

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