Day 42 – Dear Healers, heal self first… to heal the world.

Day 42 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Healers are born to heal themselves first and then shared that to the world, if necessary. 
But if you are the type who wants to fix anyone and everything in your path. Then it’s time to look within. 
So often, we were wounded in so many ways during our lifetimes and no one came to our rescue that we have this innate initiative to help others willingly. But most often, it’s true these unhealed wounds within us that we attract the wounded ones. 
My Ho’oponopono teacher often commented that my clients are actually doing me a favour. They are pointing out my hidden wounds that need to be healed deep within my subconscious. 
And he also mentioned that we have no need for masseurs and therapists and such… because when we visit them, it’s because of their own wounds that need healing. We visit them to remind them that, actually. 
So if you are the fixer, notice what you often attract–wounded men, wounded kids, wounded animals? 
Meditate the world within and bring those wounds out. 
Acknowledge them is the start of the healing. And then proceed to heal them using many myriad tools available on the Web today. 
Or you can just ask your Higher self to how to heal yourself (sometimes, journaling, and writing out words not pleasing to the ears can be very therapeutic and healing as well). 
I used to attract wounded peeps anywhere. But the good thing about me those times was that, I often retroinspect myself for whatever comes my way. 
And I was taught as a child (which may not necessarily be healthy) that if anything happens, always blame self first. 
I correct that to – whatever happens to my outer world, I shall retreat within myself and find the root of it. 
And often times when you healed that root within, the magnet prowess within no longer attracts the people of that wound. So always check within, ask 
    ●how did I contribute to this? 
    ●In what way is the outer world mirroring my inner world? 
    ●What is the root of it all?
    ●And how can I heal myself regarding this? 
I thought I had to heal the world to heal myself but in fact it’s the other way round. 
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