Day 43 – Marriage is a sacred contract between 2 beings.

Day 43 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
I was very naive in a lot of things when I was a younger. 
I was lamenting on a trait I noticed on my future partner to a mentor. He was very enthusiast to marry me but I noticed something that may be a red flag. 
My future partner was a very good follower to my ideas. He was very submissive to my leadership in our relationship. 
I wanted a man who is more masculine, a good leader whom we can interchange roles in our relationship. One who can boldly express his thoughts and ideas with me. 
But my Mentor told me to see the positive side of the picture. She says, he is like a blank canvas whereby I can draw freely whatever I want. 
It is very enticing to a woman who has been very independent and very “bossy” (in my life with my parents, I often have to make choices for everyone). I thought that will be good though deep inside I felt something amiss. 
From my experience, as a leader, who is often relied upon to make decisions for the whole family (even since young), sometimes I want to rest upon my spouse shoulders and let loose of the commanding reign. 
I want to relax and trust in the leadership of another while I be my feminine self. 
And marriage is not about one person drawing on the canvas, its about 2 individuals sharing and doing whatever it takes to create a masterpiece of their lives. 
And if one is the artist in a marriage created for 2, eventually she grew tired of painting alone. And I also grew tired of telling my partner what to do, every time. I mean, men should have some brains and initiatives right? 
Also this unfortunate event can be my old conditioning about men that attract such man in my life. 
Nevertheless, just a reminder, dear gorgeous women…. 
Marriage is a sacred contract. In marriage, You were not meant to work out the kinks alone. You were meant to do it together with your partner. And it’s not a painting to be done on your own. It’s a life together, so create a masterpiece together. 
Choose wisely. Whatever advices given by others, take what feels right to you. Not all advices are right for you. They are right according to that person’s life and perspectives and experiences. 
Remember to always listen to all senses, heart, gut and being in choosing a life partner. 
And never think that you can change the man, later. Embrace him as he is. If not, go and find yourself another man. 
You do not need to mother another child. That’s not your job. You need a real man, so go get one. 
Trust you are worthy of the right man, the most compatible partner with you. And the Universe will get you one. 
Be. Love, 
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