Day 41- Water has memories.

Day 41 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Healing thru water. 
If one intent on a glass of water with words like love or healing and drink it, that itself is healing. 
If you knew the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto then you knew that he photographed the crystals of water. And he experimented with various words spoken, intent or even written on bottles or containers of waters. And the best beautiful crystals formed were words that resonate the good vibes in us. 
I was taught professionally to heal with water when I learnt Quranic healing when i was 19. But in my family itself, my grandmom and mom already taught me that intention is powerful when fused with love onto food cooked. 
And in law of attraction, I’ve learnt that thoughts have it’s own energetic prowess. And words intent and spoken were slightly stronger. 
So with all those being said, even common man would understood that words can inflict some kind of energy on anything. 
Healing with words spoken over water or intent on it or even written on its container can have powerful healing towards anyone drinking it. 
You don’t need to purchase any vitamins or health care products. It is easily available and can be used spontaneously. 
Before I began my work as a professional healing coach and facilitator, I already use this method for many years. I used it for myself and kids. 
Kids as active as they are, they often got sick. Just mild symptoms. And I often use water with words of love, gratitude and healing to heal them. 
And sometimes I used Quranic verses known to cure on them as well. And all worked well. 
Whatever you believed is best to work on. 
Everyday, drink a glass of water fused and intent with words such as love, joy, good health, gratitude, peace, harmony, calm. You can add all in or choose to work with one word at a time. And then go on with you day. 
Notice how you were feeling the whole day. 
That’s my joy in a glass. 
Have an awesome day! 
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abundant women around the world.
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