Day 38 – Gratitude with eye contact

Day 38 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Have you ever say thank you to a service staff and had tried to look at her/him in the eye just to be dissapointed that the person was restlessly looking elsewhere and was somewhat stoic nor aware of your gratitude? 
What if we were to greet one another and thank each other by first look into each others eyes before we express the gratitude thru words? 
How does that feel? Magically wonderful. 
I first noticed this when I was educating my kids. I wanted to express my gratitude but they were busy running around. And was not able to share my heartfelt expressions. 
And so I sat them down and told them to say thank you by first making eye contact and then say- thank you. 
They practised a few times with multitude of giggles. But eventually, I see the habit became a miracle. My kids began to “see” and acknowledge each other not just blatantly acknowledge when it is due but really see another being as who they are. 
Of course, I then did my “gratitude experiments” outside of home. 
At first it was tough to get another eye contact because I noticed most were glued to their gadgets. And for service staff, they often brushed you aside and was eager to move on to the next customer rather than be present to acknowledge the gratitude given to them. 
So what do I do? I still looked at them in the eye, smile widely and say my thank you again but louder. And as if awaken, they looked surprised and then later felt joyous energies spread to them, and another smile was then created. 
You may think, I’m just a nobody with lots of time in my hands. But really, if you take time out to acknowledge the little blessings then everyday being happy is easy and almost effortless. 
And “see” – ing someone and acknowledging them. You are doing the world a great favour. Our spirits need to be seen and acknowledge often. By being present and witnessing our littlest effort, is giving another human a morale boost and spurring them on to spread the awesome greatness that each of us have. 
So, go… 
Make eye contact and express your gratitude from the heart. And write a letter of gratitude if you feel that the service is beyond average. You’ll never know where that ripples of love will spread out to. 
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