Day 39 – Be mindful.

Day 39 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Being healthy means to be mindful of what you adopt in your reality as your truth. 
Do your best not to be swayed by the fears in your surroundings and in the world. Fears are just illusions. 
F. E. A. R = False evidences acting real. 
I do my best not to read/listen to news, watch TV especially ads that played into our fears (e.g have the perfect body, eat this vitamin etc) and drama shows that often repetitively project non positive human emotions than positive ones like jealousy, envy… 
If you noticed and be aware, the very things that kept on playing in your life such as your favorite drama shows somehow will infused itself into your life, and make them be your reality. So be careful of what you are watching. 
I used to like crime shows especially real life crime stories. 
Eventually, it crept into my being and manifest itself into my reality. I became fearful and anxious because every time I stepped out, I chanced upon a real crime being carried out in my reality. 
I then lessen and eventually stopped watching such shows. I focus more on romantic comedies. And my life changes for the better. 
Hallmark is one of my favorite channels. Though may not be full of A-list movies and actors, actresses…. their movies are always feel good kind of movies. 
And even if there were challenging moments showcased, they were not huge or catastrophic, or natural disasters or world wars or diseases infected world… (unlike most blockbusters which often leave us feeling hopeless most of the time). 
And even if I do have the itch to watch crime shows, I opt for those with humor and fun like Psych series with its 8 seasons and 1 movie. 
Now, scan through your life. Notice if they are similar to the movies and TV shows you loved. If your life is not great, then limit the shows that is not good for you. 
Not just TV, even games are crucial to be aware of. 
I have two sons and they play games often. And to ensure they do not wander off to the super violent ones, I played the games with them. 
Some of them were :Halo, Call of duty, land of Z, fortnite, lara croft, horizon, pub-g games, growtopia, clash royale and many more. 
I also taught them some ways to release and healed themselves of trapped emotions or anything non positive absorbed in their psyche such as Emotion Code and EFT. 
And movies they loved to watch, I often watch first. It’s a lot of inconvenience, yes… But kids, they are like sponges. They absorp a lot. And as parents, we have to be their filter till they are grown enough to filter their own. 
I remembered before I “vet thru” their games, I noticed my youngest was getting a little bit agitated by the slightest things and also started fighting out physically with his elder brother. And I investigated that they were playing “violent” games, I was not aware of – like Tekken 7, mortal kombat etc
We had to diffused those agitation with meditation and healings. It took days to mellow down. Eventually I threw it away. 
So, notice, be aware… 
In what parts of your life is similar to the shows, news that you often read and watch? Do something about it. Lessen or replace it with something much better. 
Another example just popped up… (I no longer listen to it, I rather use Islamic prayer app then the radio, now) 
There was a malay radio channel in Singapore that my late mom often listens to cause they have call of prayers (azan) . 
But as I paid attention to it, I noticed that every minute there was always health advertisements prodding the listeners to buy. 
I understood that the listeners age group was mostly the elderly. But the auto suggestions were so powerful that even I, who felt healthy began to doubt my own health just by listening to it, only for a few minutes. 
Even I, (someone who understood words and thoughts are powerful energy and knew of ways to protect and shield) nearly buy into the fears (like diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema etc) sold by the ads from the radio station. 
So choose your mode of entertainment and medias wisely.
Yeah, you can also lessen time spent on these gadgets and add more nature basking activities (grounding in nature often is one way to be healthier) in your everyday. 
Or read something that elevate your energy and inculcate joyous self-discovery for greater good of you and the world. 
Or listen to empowering audio books. And share these empowering tips you learn with your loved ones. 
Do check out my previous everyday postings on women empowerment 🙂
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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