Day 37 – Dear Empaths…

Day 37 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
This post is specially for empath, indigo children, highly sensitive people… (but for others, I urged you to continue reading because they might be amongst your loved ones and they are often misunderstood). 
What is an empath? 
In my own words, they are special people who have special gifts that can help many. They are often highly sensitive in their senses (can be more than 1 or all senses).
I am one of them. 
Being with me, you (even as a stranger) have the likelihood of sharing your innermost secrets and private life with me. You felt as if you can talk to me about anything and everything. And you feel like I’m the most trusted person in the world and that we have been friends many years or lifetimes before. 
And empaths, we are great listeners. We listened not just with our ears, but our hearts and souls as well. And most times, we get more than we bargained for. 
For me, sometimes, I can see visions of the past, present and future with just a touch or how close you stand/sit beside me. 
(note: everyone has this gift but it depends on how much you used, believed or practiced with them. 
Because we are always carrying our data with us. The future is just a glimpse of what might be with the steps you took in the present. It’s not concrete and can be changed.) 
And sometimes, we communicated in fast speed with our spirits with or without us being conscious of it all (while we talk in our 3rd dimension, there are many things going on in other dimensions concurrently). 
There were many examples but let me shared with you one. 
There was once, a beautiful Caucasian man who I met on the beach, pouring his heart out to me but I also see his spirit (some called it soul) communicating me a different story. And when I shared it with him, he was in awe-shock. And though I told him, it might be nothing, he knew that was his truth and thanked me for it. 
Anyway, I used to think that it’s a curse because there were many “future” deaths that I saw and reported to my Mom, and it came true, when I was younger. And I tried to hide or bury it deep down. 
But these powers existed for a reason. And I bury it for many decades but eventually it sprung up on me uninvited and became totally uncontrolled. Wild, actually. 
I then, acknowledge it, approved of it and do my best to use it for greater good by being a healing coach, writer/blogger and facilitator. And it has been stronger. 
And I uses to think that I should help anyone, and everyone. I was wrong. Not everyone wants help. Or wants healing or wants to uncover their truths and cleanse their cobweb skeleton wardrobe. 
And I cannot just be the “vomit” bin for everyone (one who complains endlessly).
I learn to appreciate myself more by strengthening my boundaries with the world. And learn to say no and whenever I have visions or feelings or soul communications with anyone, I ask permission first. I ask if they want to know. If not, I thank the higher power for the knowledge and release them. 
In this challenging period of time, I ask that the Empaths, indigo children, the highly sensitives and many more who understood what I’m conveying… 
Love, love, love yourself. 
Strengthen your self esteem and healthy boundaries, learn to say no, shield if you must in public, release the emotions, burden, pain and whatever you may absorbed daily before you go to sleep, and don’t take unnecessary attempts to heal another just because you sympathise, empathise and have a big heart. And that includes your closest loved ones. 
We cannot always be the invisible healer. We cannot “kill ourselves slowly” for the sake of others. Be the sun, not the candle. If you want to help then help with Integrity and self love. Integrity to yourself first. Learn the healthy ways of healing people who wants to be help. And methods you can release stuff not belonged to you. Stop “sponging” (absorbing like a sponge) the world invisibly. It’s overwhelming especially now. 
And go hang out with other “awakens and conscious and joyous” Empaths… Learn and unlearn from them. 
Everything is perfectly orchestrated by the Divine. 
Everything happens for a reason. And everyone has lessons to learn/unlearn. Don’t take that gift away from them, especially parents to their own kids. They have to take their own leap. And make their own mistakes. Cause their lives have their own missions and goals which may be much different than ours. 
Respect and honour theirs and your own. 
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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