Day 36 – Shortlived happyness

Day 36 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Sometimes when we got what we truly want, why aren’t we happy? 
And why did we continue down the rabbit hole to acquire the next best thing that is supposed to make us happy? 
Because that is not what we want. We were disillusioned that the very things we want will give us – happiness, love, fame, approval, belonging, success, be taken seriously as we are and many more. 
So how can we unveiled the truth? 
One way is to ask using Why. 
For example (not a real story) :
    1.Why do I want to have that Audi car? 
    2.Because it brings me joy. 
    4.I can ride in it everyday. 
    6.It is better than public transport. And I don’t need to cram with the people. 
    8.Because I don’t like crowds. 
    10.Because I’m sensitive to the energies around me. 
    12.I’m an empath. 
    14.I absorped them and make myself cranky at the end of the day. 
    16.I don’t want to be burdened. 
    18.I have enough as a child, carrying others’ problems as my own. 
    20.I have a big heart. 
    22.I cannot tolerate another human suffering in my vicinity. 
    24.I feel them. 
    26.I love them. 
    28.I see and feel their pain. 
    30.It’s a gift. Can be a curse. 
    32.I don’t know. Perhaps God wants to punish me for what I’ve done in my past… with this gift. Or perhaps to help many. I’m not sure. 
    34.God knows everything. 
    36.God is fair. 
    38.So everyone is given their rights. 
    40.So they can be happy. 
    42.Because life is challenging as it is. 
    44.So we can be better persons by overcoming our challenging situations. 
    46.So we can enter paradise when the time comes. 
    48.Hell does not seem bearable. 
    50.I’m not a good person, I did mistakes. And I like to think paradise as hope. 
And you can continue on and on. Sometimes the answers seems absurd and full of nonsense but it’s OK, keep on going and you will see the full picture. 
It can also work with a partner or a friend. 
Ask the questions and answer spontaneously without thinking so much about it. And you will uncover many truths about just 1 thing. 
And when you are satisfied, you can stop. 
So the above was about having the Audi car. But in truth, it was just a means to avoid being or feeling like carrying the weight of the world. Meaning, having the car was one way to be happy, by avoiding people. 
Will it work? Temporarily, yes. But sooner or later, the joy will subside and I will find another means to avoid this, the illusion of finding happiness, over and over again. Because the root cause is not solved. 
Truth is, I don’t need the car. I just need to learn how to use the gift (by being healer, therapist etc) or shield my being from absorbing or feeling people’s emotions, pain and problems. 
And work on healing my doubts as to whether the gift is a true gift or a curse from God. 
And definitely I need to strengthen my boundaries and start saying No, to others. Saying no, to friends who come to me just to “dump” their shit and problems and such. 
They will leave me feeling happy but I will feel like the end of the world. And for what? Its only making them happy for awhile. And I cannot always be their punching bag or vomit bags. 
As an empath, I learn that I cannot take away others’ sufferings. The Universe gave that to them for a reason. So they can grow up and be better persons. And even if I took that pain away for a moment, later on, the Universe will keep giving them the pain till they are awakened and conscious that they have to do something about it before the knockings become louder and louder. 
So by asking Why?… I not only found out the actual reason of wanting something. But I also discovered my truth about God, about His ways and how I perceived Him to see me. And also about childhood and how I behaved, back then. 
Or perhaps having a car is my means of seeking approval from parents, families and many to show that I can afford my dreams. And to be seen as someone worthy. 
So don’t be afraid to ask Why. 
I honour you and your journey. Keep on going with love. 
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