Day 27 – Homeless and LOA

Day 27 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Take action. 
When me and my kids were homeless for awhile, we were blessed to be able to live with an aunt. We were supposed to have a room on our own but another family barged in. 
And what was left, seems like 3 coffin-sized space shared with my aunt. 
I’m thankful to have a roof over our heads and our meals cooked. We paid our monthly rent but I felt we were “suffocated” because we lack of privacy. 
Nevertheless, I did my best with what we’ve got and we stayed for about 2 years. 
Since I was traveling often, this temporary space seems like a bonus. 
But deep down, my heart and soul wants out. Eventually, I cannot withstand it any longer. 
Aside from us being sensitive beings (empaths), I need some space to “recalibrate” myself and walk thru this new life with my kids.
And I decided to utilise the law of attraction (LOA) . 
I wanted a new space. A place I’ve never lived before. I was accustomed to live in a normal 3 or 4 room high rise flat. 
This time, I wanted slightly luxurious. I wanted to stay in a condominium with my kids.
I chose the ones closest to my kids’ school. 
But I wasn’t sure if I can afford it. There were many things in my head. Mainly I was afraid that it could go wrong. And I worry about my kids
But I decided to leave that to the higher power. And I decided to mute my self-doubts. 
As I send my kids to school, I stopped by everyday at the condominium and visualised myself going to and fro its gates. 
I took double decker buses just to get a glimpse of the pool and marvel at its beautiful buildings and facilities. 
For a month, I raised my energy daily and affirmed my goal. I really felt like I was the resident. 
But as it got to the 33 days, I got restless. It was supposed to be easy. I had done many manifestations and they came easily and almost effortlessly. 
And I ponder about it. And then i remembered that I had forgotten to take action. 
The visualisation, the affirmations, the raising energies were alright but I did not take action. 
And so the next day, I went within and asked, how can I take action? I went to the properties listings of rentals and ownerships just to understand the cost. 
I was trembling in fear but deep down, I was excited. No one knew what I was up to. 
The condominium that I visualised was not listed. I then decided to look at another city. And my heart started beating fast when i saw my favorite city. 
Immediately, I called the estate agent and went for a “look-see.” 
I fell in the love with the place. And the next series of steps became history. 
The money needed also came thru. 
Soon, me and my kids were enjoying our lives in a condominium in a downtown area, a much better option with the shopping centres and many amenities nearby. 
We got the pool view and bathtubs in our toilets. For humble folks like us, it feels like living in a hotel, everyday. 
Truly grateful. 
My tips… when manifesting, big stuffs like money or house etc, :
-make sure daily energies you emit is as huge
-continue visualising and affirming without fail regardless if there is result or not. 
-Stay away from naysayers. Or better still, keep your goals and dreams to yourself. 
-take action. Ask your higher self–what actions needed to manifest your dreams and goals. 
-lastly surrender the outcome to the higher power.
I wanted to live near my kids’ school for convenience sake but the Universe has a better option for us and “relocate” us to a city area. 
Have fun manifesting.
Practise, practise, practise. Start small or big, whatever feels right for you. 
So a more comprehensive summary of the law of attraction is… 
The art of manifesting successfully:
1. Ask, believe, receive. 
2. Feel as if you already got it.
3. Raise your energy daily. 
4. Keep your dreams and goals to self, Mute self-doubts. Stay away from naysayers. 
5. Take action when inspired.
6. Clear the clutter in your life and make space for it. 
7. Surrender the outcome to the Universe. 
8. Be grateful for what already existed in your life, now. 
To the success of our dreams… 
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