Day 28 – One of my favorite…

Day 28 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Even if you have no belief about God. I believe you have some form of understanding that there is a higher power. 
Thoughts are very powerful. Every thought has its own energy and vibe. And every thought is neither good or bad. 
What we perceived to be good or bad (according to our past experiences and lessons learnt) will create a vibe of its own when we project that thought into words, actions or even visualisations. 
And so, to me, a prayer is even more powerful. 
Because there is an intention, a conviction and connection to be established with the Creator. 
And the last step of prayer, is surrender- letting go in trust. 
This is one of the secrets known in law of attraction to manifest desires easily and effortlessly. 
And today, I wanna share one of my favorite prayer… 
Everyday upon waking up, I say this prayer… (I add and rearrange some words of Oprah Winfrey’s prayer and make it my own) .
“Dear God, you have created me perfectly and I am thankful. Now use me.
God, show me how to take who I am, who I want to be and what I can do and use it for a purpose greater than myself. 
Use me, use me, use me for your purpose. Use me for a greater purpose than me. Use me, dear God in your work of love.
Thank you. I love you.”
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