Day 26 – Be the bird. Embracing soaring freedom within.

Day 26 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
When I first started schooling in primary school , it was not pleasant. I felt caged. 
I felt suffocated and I showed it in my everyday that I got punished often by the teachers. (I’m sensitive to energies but I did not know anything about that nor how to combat that). 
I did not know how to communicate my experiences with my parents. 
Unable to tolerate anymore punishments and embarrassments in class, eventually, I played along to get on the good side of the teachers. I became a different person. I was a fraud and didn’t realise it. 
I thought I can overcome this when I became a teacher for a short while in two different parts of my life, in primary and secondary schools….
But I still felt the nauseating restrictions on my freedom. I often prefer physical activities at the courtyard basking in the sun than stuck in the classrooms. 
Years back, my mentors taught me that school was initially created for factory workers. They were not taught to be leaders or encourage to follow their joys and passions. 
And now, often we basically judge how good a person is thru their qualifications. Their masters, doctorate, PhD and many more. But have we asked one another, are you happy with your life? 
I too, came to that dilemma when my eldest has to choose between college or polytechnic, whether he wished to go to University and more. 
For a moment, I got caught up on to, his future. Just like any other parents, I wanted my sons to have a good life. 
But I remembered how my mom taught me to embrace the freedom within. She often follow her heart in her life regardless if the world seem to be against her. 
And instead of asking my son to choose the school that promise a good job after, I asked him – what is your dream, what brings you joy? Which path makes you happy? 
And if he is having trouble, I often ask him to pray and meditate to the higher power. 
It’s not easy to step back and watch my child making his own decision and taking the leap on his own. 
But I will do my best. 
And if your kids are (like us, Empaths) having trouble adjusting life in school, be kind. 
Listen with heart. Give them space to express and breathe. Don’t put them in labels like adhd etc when the world puts them down, you as a parent have the right to support and be their sole cheerleader. 
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