Day 25 – Gadget vs Family

Day 25 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying… 
I once was called from the “strawberry generation.” I was in a study group with the golden generation aka retirees and I was leading the discussion. 
I didn’t really know what that meant. Later on, I found out that my kids’ generation, the millenials is called strawberry generation because as one explained to me – they are not as “strong and capable” as the older generations before them. 
You see how the strawberries get mushed up just by pressing on them? 
Well, I don’t know about that. Who am I to judge? 
Nowadays kids have a deficit of staying focused. Often glued to their gadgets and social media. And they can be overwhelmed by the information available. But how can I ever compare our generations with them? 
I believe every generation has its pros and cons. 
I just do my best to keep my kids balanced but it’s not easy. 
Often times, I have to find creative ideas to do things together, no not online but physical interaction, face to face. 
And one of the things I love to do with them is teaching them to cook for the family. 
No, not complicated meals, I’m a one pot cook myself. I ensure that they can survive anywhere in the world with the basics of Asian cooking – rice, stews, soups, curry, chicken, vegetables and later on complicated stuff like spaghetti, steak, tacos, dosa, chapati etc… 
And sometimes with a new recipe I’ve never tried at all. And with mistakes or not, we ended up having a good time. And dining together is fun. 
Blessing every food we cooked with love and healing energy is some thing, I learn from my late grandmom and mom. And I’m happy to pass that on to them as well. 
Sometimes we just gotta put all gadgets aside and be in the present moment, cherishing every minute we are together in good health, love, joy and abundance.
God bless you and your loved ones. 
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