Day 21 – Parents, be in your children shoes…

Day 21 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying… 
Being a parent is truly a blessing. 
I’m still not perfect even though my kids are gearing into young adulthood and it felt like my work is almost done. I’m still a work in progress, and has to be open to learn as my kids grow. 
Being a parent does not mean I owned my kids. 
I’m just a guardian, a guide, a teacher, an older mature being. 
I’m only sharing and teaching life lessons according to my life experiences. Eventually they have to make their own choices. And learn from their own mistakes. 
Having sons, I wanted to instill some discipline in them. And my eldest often had to undergo the toughest parenting from me. 
Because of that, he was fearful of me. He will not share whatever happened in primary school. He will not share if some kids bullied him or if a stand-in teacher slapped him. 
He only shared with me years after. I was shocked. 
But I began to see my mistakes. And I apologised to them. It took me years to gain his trust and release his fears. 
But now we can chat about almost anything. 
When communication is easy, we can solve every challenge easily as a family. 
Balance is the key to everything and especially parenting. Cannot be too fierce or too lenient. 
And often we see them thru our “parents eyes”. And we focused on their future, thus we worry. When we worry, we see thru the eyes of fear not love. And seldom, we focus on the present, the Now. 
Can we once in awhile, see their lives thru their eyes? 
Can we not judge, or blame them or immediately punish them, after their mistakes but listen fully to them? Or better still, inculcate a reward system instead, for every good deed done. 
We were once kids, before. 
If kids feel safe to share then they can talk to their parents, then they feel heard. They feel seen and loved. 
They will also know that they matter. They know its safe to confide in their parents. And trust will grow. 
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