Who are you, really?

Everyday, get quiet and ask yourself these questions…. 
“Who are you?
What do you want from life?
What do you need to do to live your best life?
What is your purpose?
Why must you do this?
What example do you want
to set to everyone around you 
especially those you loved, 
those closed to you?
What legacy do you 
want to leave?”
– @iamfearlesssoul     

Or listen to it daily..  .                                  

For me, personally these questions will stir me up, guide me when I got lost and empower me to live my best, everyday. 
Sometimes we need reminders… 
Sometimes we need a perk me up…. 
Sometimes we just need the truth…. 
So ask away… 
And write from heart. 
Have a great weekend. 
Stay beautiful, just the way you are. 
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