Wake up, and come…


Do you even understand the words coming out of my Mouth?
Or were you just pretending to be.
Are you really listening,  or are you busy, doing your to-do list in your mind?
Do you really love me, with all your heart?
Or are you faking it because of fear!?
Fear of losing, fear of being alone, fear of being ridiculed, fear of what others might say…
But mainly fear of your own truth.
Truth is that you do not understand yourself.
Truth is that you have no fucking idea… 
what’s going on in your life.
You just follow what others do.
You are like the long dried grasses 
that follow the tune of the winds.
You have no direction.
You have no purpose.
You are like the many who are lost but not aware.
You have been sleeping for far too long.
Your drools have mapped your pillow,
And stench your existence.
Like a skunk, you stink!
Wake up, fellow human.
Be aware.
Open your eyes and see.
Truly see what’s in front of you.
Be in awe.
Be magically inspired. 
Breathe in the wonders and miracles.
Acknowledge your loved ones.
Express your love and emotions. 
Listen intently with all your senses.
Correspond with heart.
Be gentle and kind as you
 arouse from your deep sleep.
It’s a new life. You have been awaken. 
You have been reborn. 
Welcome home. 
Join me in my poetic expressions…. 
And write your own. 
It doesn’t even have to rhyme. 
Write it out in your own invisible tune, write it out as your heart truly desire. 
Write as much as your soul whispers it’s truth. 
Write, draw, dance, sing, whatever…. 
Let it all out. 
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