crashing warriors homes in germany part 4

From one home to another, they were very kind to transport me to and fro. I felt like a baby being cared, nurtured and love from one family to another.

Warriors are a weird and bizarre lot. They can be so fierce in determination to fulfil their goals and dreams but they are also leaders of love. They can be so heart opening, soul spiritual beings that embrace everything, as lessons of love.

The German and Spanish warrior couple, I met is none other than Marina and Enrico.
Strangely we felt that this meeting has more to it than meets The Eye. From twin flames to soulmates prediction and life purposes, we embrace the new age, metaphysics and quantum physics knowledge and experiences with one another…and do our best to apply it to our lives.   
We exchange perspectives and became more intrigued that Marina and I actually met in Singapore 2013 but was not aware of it.
We got “lost in the Black Forest” and fascinatingly we each understood that it was meant to be.
Goosebumps popped up as we talked about miracles and synchronicities of all our lives entangled together. And yet we believe there are more unfolding…
Thank you beautiful souls, Marina and Enrico. and not forgetting the beautiful family they have. And also the beautiful spontaneous warriors-to-be that we met on the streets…
Truly grateful for this spontaneous chance to hang out with you both. And for welcoming me into your home.
Thank you for the lessons of love learn/unlearn.
and for feeding me well too.

About The Blogger: Lina Masrina is a soul blogger, intuitive heart coach and healing facilitator. 

Her passion is to work with people and reconnect them to their truth: being love -authentic, peace, harmony, abundance and joyous. She is a certified healing and law of attraction coach, certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and ATS bali healer (chieftain/kamituo). 

In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

Her dream is to cover all 196 countries in this lifetime. Her blog is about her everyday peeling her own masks, while exploring vulnerability and authenticity and uncovering miracles of love. She lives in Singapore. But she work both locally and internationally. Do contact her at linamasrina gmail .

 Disclaimer: All sessions with Lina Masrina (healing/coaching/consultations) is not counselling, mental health care or medical care and is not intended to take the place of such care. They simply attempt to make energetic shifts in your body that may help you to have a healthier, more abundant, joyous, peaceful, loving life but this is not a medically or scientifically proven process and therefore, no guarantees of results can be given. Use all the information given (on this website/sessions) at your own risk.
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