crashing warriors homes in germany part 5

This was never meant to be. I had a tiny bit ounce of energy left but she kept popping in my head.
The third home I crashed upon is in Berlin.
From Baden-Baden to Stuttgart and lastly to Berlin?
I called her the spiderwoman, the PEAKS in warrior camps was nothing for her while this Asian was stunned at the gigantic challenge stood before her.
And then her high energy and brilliant smiles always motivate me to push on beyond and completed my challenges.
I called her Doctor cos she completed her PhD but she humbly ask me to call her by name. A biologist always working and surrounded with discoveries and brilliant Scientists in her field.
We met in camp in 2016 as angels and met again after in Poland when I was country hopping crashing in warriors homes. And then as she moved from Munich to Berlin, I crashed into her place even before she truly settled down in her new place.
Hmm… what is in store for us, dear Universe?
P.s: btw, we found out that we have same interests: Dr Martens boots and New Kids on the Block and Jordan Knight is our fav… (yikes?!)

About The Blogger: Lina Masrina is a soul blogger, intuitive heart coach and healing facilitator. 

Her passion is to work with people and reconnect them to their truth: being love -authentic, peace, harmony, abundance and joyous. She is a certified healing and law of attraction coach, certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and ATS bali healer (chieftain/kamituo). 

In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

Her dream is to cover all 196 countries in this lifetime. Her blog is about her everyday peeling her own masks, while exploring vulnerability and authenticity and uncovering miracles of love. She lives in Singapore. But she work both locally and internationally. Do contact her at linamasrina gmail .

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