crashing warriors home in germany part 6

Thank you Klementyna and Milton and baby-nator…. 

Such a beautiful family, reminded me of my own similar growth back in the days, when my kids were babies.
It’s been a beautiful short trip but it felt like we all needed this.
Our bodies may seems to be far apart from each other but our souls seems definitely connected to one another somehow, through out the years.
Yes, we may have known each other in previous lifetimes or probably we have created this soul appointment to remind each other that we are leaders of love and to light up that beacon of love. Cos we each have a powerful purpose not to ourselves but also to our loved ones, families and our soul nation-being leaders of love and guiding us home.
Berlin is a beautiful big city with histories that may broke many hearts and souls but definitely it was open to healing.
Truly grateful for this peek of life and love. To understand that love need no more than heart and soul connections.
Thank you for showing that we are all connected and that stories of how beautiful relationship between a Polish woman and Salvador man will always stay warm within my heart.
I can hear the crackling of hope through these fiery campfire passion of love stories.
I understood many loved ones were concerned about my soulmate and hoping that I will be a “twosome” instead of a single spontaneous traveller.
I shall gather those wishes alongside mine and send that petition to the Universe.
Love this enchanting miracle meetup.
Till we meet again, warriors of life.
Thank you.

About The Blogger: Lina Masrina is a soul blogger, intuitive heart coach and healing facilitator. 

Her passion is to work with people and reconnect them to their truth: being love -authentic, peace, harmony, abundance and joyous. She is a certified healing and law of attraction coach, certified Ho’oponopono practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and ATS bali healer (chieftain/kamituo). 

In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

Her dream is to cover all 196 countries in this lifetime. Her blog is about her everyday peeling her own masks, while exploring vulnerability and authenticity and uncovering miracles of love. She lives in Singapore. But she work both locally and internationally. Do contact her at linamasrina gmail .

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