crashing warriors home in germany… part 3

I was really enjoying playing house with a new family, but I knew I cannot stay long. Like a messenger, I had to move on once the message of love has been delivered. After a long walk, I decided to move to the next destination.

Another part of germany that I have not been to: Stuttgart. this was what I wrote in FB.. 
(the image below: I felt so at home with toilet walls covered in motivation affirmations and posters)

Never thought of crashing another home. I wasn’t prepared nor opened. But I guess it was already “preplanned” by the higher power.
I suspected that when I got a hard kick on my arse, I was totally lost and clueless what’s gonna happen next… And somehow was able to surrender to the “process”…
Well this couple, I met in warrior camp 2016 and we kinda got along in a mysterious ways, separately. They were single when I met them in camps, but after, they became one.
Well, we got along well together in camp but I understood a bit more about him personally when I jumped into his car and crashed his “planned road trip” to the beautiful beaches of Spain.
And later on, I “persuaded” him to take me to Andorra and witness the beautiful scenic view of the snow capped mountains and fancy lil villages along the way.
Along the way we learn the beautiful connection that need no words to describe but just by being in the moment with the right people with no specific goals but with the Universe guiding us spontaneously.
And as a gentleman, he brought me back to Girona so I can fly back home safely.
And ever since we have been good platonic friends ever since.
And with his beautiful warrior partner, I get to witness the wholesome life of two beautiful souls balancing out their daily lives. From long distance relationships to making it happen by living in the same country.
A beautiful harmonious integration thatconnects the hearts and souls.
I know every pit stop I take is a miracle and has many magical dust spread on it.
And as we were enjoying our moments together, our lives unfold the miracles more and were astounded by the synchronicity of it all.
It felt like we were fulfilling our soul appointments.
And no, it was not planned but a spur of the moment inspiration that I felt the sudden need to connect …as I went for a solo walk in the beautiful Baden city.
Truly grateful.
Moving forward to another German city with no expectations…
Where will my feet take me next? And who shall I meet?

in 2016 

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In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

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