Crashing Warriors’ home in UK part 8

Crashing spontaneously in warrior angel’s seminars/events….
“Master your health” by Shannon James Cunningham
I don’t have any expectation because I’m not supposed to be here and so..I just share whatever pops in…
I make my goals as I go along in this event…
To be healthier -body, mind, heart and soul…
He gave us so much value in such short short time. It was not enough. I was craving for more delicious healthy information and processes.
I came in a bit tired, black and blue and “what the heck am I doing here” attitude (cos I had to leave beautiful Surrey to go to Fulham) …
…but I’m glad I did it , I learnt and became aware of so many things in food, health and it’s important especially if I travel the world spontaneously like I’m doing now.
And not only that …he imparted his abundantful knowledge on how we can be healthier not just body, but also mind, heart and soul. (So my goals and intentions are met!)
I’m so proud of him.
Thank you Shannon!!

Health is wealth and my body is my temple.

Now the question is… Will I be doing the “healthy bikini challenge” for 30 days?
Yes or yes?!
Anyway, Shannon is one charismatic soul, I’ve ever met. A passionate fitness coach who successfully coach clients to achieve a balance healthy body and life. We connect so well together. I love the way he connects with people, truly immersing in the present moment and mirroring their good, bad and awesomeness. His authenticity brings out my own and he has helped me wrestled a few demons of my own. 
Truly grateful to know him. 
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