Crashing Warriors’ home in UK part 7

Crashing warrior angel homes UK #Europe series

Who is next? The next warrior angel is another “cool” guy.

His name is Barrie McDowell

He has helped to manage and supervise so many warrior camps in various continents that I felt its integrated in his veins.

He is someone you go to whenever you got challenges and he will think of 1001 solutions.

He is also the one you cry to when your mother is not around…lol.

He is efficient and fast …I don’t know what he cannot do.

If you knew him, you know how meticulously hard he worked to get “perfect” results, all the time.

From property guru to self-mastery in IT and many more…

But with all that, he has a very big heart of gold. Intuitive and have so much love.

Very compassionate towards us crews and staff while focusing on the goals to be achieved.

A well-rounded leader…

He can be very adaptable and very flexible (warrior angel’s rule no.1) role model.

Oh yes, I’m so in love with his Audi …2 door, all leather, sleek and sexy…

And it purrs so sexily and confidently through the countryside smoothly navigating the terrain with such prowess …that I forgot all about the “unpredictable rainy weather”.

Let’s meet the beautiful family behind this amazing successful man….

Upon arriving his big beautiful house, I smell the most pleasurable scent….



When curry chicken awaits my arrival, I knew I’m already “Home”. 
Thank you Jolly (Barrie’s beautiful wifey) for the beautiful home cooked meal.

I ate with my bare right hand and within seconds, the plate was smoothly clean.


Happy tummy makes lina happy traveller

I met the rest of the family and was intrigued by their stories. I was blessed to hear about Barrie’s love story with his Malaysian Indian wife. It was definitely plan by the Universe, I felt. They both matched in so many ways than one. And their daughter is so beautiful. Having the best of both worlds (european and asian features)…

Thank you Mona (Barrie’s sis in law), her experiences coloured my food perspectives even further…

Definitely the Singapore Ambassador had a great time with you as their Chef in Paris…

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