Crashing Warriors home in UK part 6

She is much smaller than me but this lady packs loads of awesomeness within. For starters, she is one of the reason, we have beautiful babies and births in UK. A gynae whose heart and compassion lies in her dedication, her career as a doctor to serve all … the best she can possibly be.
An intuitive soul whose interests matches mine especially in spiritual, love and relationships. 
Warrior who flows with her goddess demeanor and making sure every step she takes, goes in line with her mission.
She had just completed her night shift when she met me. Although tired and weary, her sunshiney smiles pierced through me and welcome me with so much love in her town, Kent. 

We hopped around in puddles of water, exploring the food …of course the bestest fish and chips… (Haddock is my favorite!) And i did taste the infamous blood pudding which I thought..tasted like smelly socks that was kept in water for days which has an impregnable stench and then blended in with loads of blood and stuffed into a casing. Its an acquired taste not many can withstand (I’m one of them)…

I love the chips doused in vinegar….

Kentish ice-cream is a must-try! We choose classic flavours like vanilla … mind blowing delish!

anyway…we visited her beautiful home and did some kind of soul searching interrogation using spiritual tools and I found out something fascinating.
About indigo children…
I was told once that I am indigo child with my gifts known or unknown but I never paid any attention to it. But as I went onto this spontaneous crashing, I wondered as I wander, who are these beautiful souls? Why do I feel such affinity and connection with some of them and why was I able to travel to some selected peeps and not the rest?
And as we were both working on self improvement and in relationships, we probe further into twin flames, a subject not many peeps knew.
And when we shared, our goosebumps rose giving us a sense of love and peace that we are on the right path.
Dear Dr. Jess, 
thank you for sharing with me your innermost insight and intuition and for letting me into your life even for a moment. 
I believe we must have been twin flames and soul sisters…cos we can communicate endlessly with and without words. We just knew what goes on in each other minds without having to say anything. And I just knew you in such short while.
This is such a beautiful connection.
Thank you.

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