Crashing Warriors’ home in UK part 5

What can I say about the next warrior angel…

He has been crewing so many times that whenever he appeared in an event,the crew leader will give a huge sigh of deep relief… 


And leave all the “hard” complicated worksheets, notes, gifts and whatever else thrown last minute to be completed..including “smoothening” the sharp metals…

(I had the pleasure of seeing him at work, he grasp anything new with so much ease that you may think he has been doing that work for years..)

His cool temperament makes me wonder what goes in that beautiful mind of his?

He is like in a “zen-mode” even when everything looked and sounded chaotic…and crazy.

Always the first to wake up in the earliest time possible in camps #EWTC2016 while I’m still wiping away yesterday’s dinner-dreams off my drooling mouth…

Constantly motivating others with wonderful quotes of the world…everyday.

I wonder what #love message/s he has for me?

Who is my next “victim” 😜?

Crashing #warriorangels homes #EWTC2016#Europe series… #unitedkingdom


His name is Langford.

 A beautiful gentleman who embrace me the moment I arrived in London.
A very intuitive compassionate soul who loves the world around him.

This was my second time in London, but I find so much joy in getting lost that he helped me settled into my city hostel. After checking in… he took time off to tour around bustling London with me.

Truly grateful for this long walk..

Of course, eating good food is a must with the rest of the patrons watching LIVE football matches.

Sometimes, two souls connect without words and I found that with much ease in Langford.

Thank you Langford,
soul friend like you taught me more than I can ever asked for.

As for London, although we had a few drizzle, it was truly enchanting. The crowd was a blur as I walked with my new friend. London always have this nostalgic feeling as if I was there before…probably different lifetime.

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